Welcome to MiraBand Music Call!

A new MiraBan Ltd art contest created to network with independent musicians and composers. As we praise talent, we make our best to fit our winners in the right networking platform with our clients and freelancers.

There are 12 categories involved:

- Best Musician
- Best Music Band
- Best International Sing-songwriter
- Best UK Sing-songwriter
- Best Song
- Best Duo
- Best Film Soundtrack Composer
- Best Music Composer
- Best Male Vocalist
- Best Female Vocalist
- Best Video Game Music Composer
- Best Music Video

At the end of the MiraBand Music Call, we will host the MiraBand Music Show where the winning categories will be showcased. (Please, read our "Awards section").


MiraBan is a Creative Content Company specialized in the photo and video production for branding, art exhibitions (Visual and Fine Arts) and Film Festivals.

Our goal is to develop business connections through Art Events and Contests, providing a rewarding experience for both our employees and clients.

Every year, MiraBan promotes multiple art contests (film, photography, fine arts, music) to find out awesome new talents and offer them and their artworks the opportunity to get noticed.
Never underestimate the chance to be on the Company top recommended talent's list.

+Welcome to MiraBan World!

- The Team


Every 3 months up until the final deadline, our jury will select trimestral finalists and winners of each category through private studio sessions. Every finalist and winner of each category will receive our Official Certificate and Laurel (Digital Format).
All trimestral winners will be listed on our website, shared through our social media and our network of national and international partners.

At the end of final deadline, we will allow the audience to vote for their favourite musician, band, sing-songwriter, female vocalist, male vocalist, song, duo, film soundtrack, music composition, video game music composition, music video through our website.

The most voted of each category will receive the "Audience Award" Certificate and Laurel and will be by all means included in the final music show.


All Trimestral Finalists and Winners:

• Will receive the MiraBand Music Call Official Laurels; 

• Will receive the MiraBand Music Call Certificates;

• Will be listed on our website and social networks; 

All the Winners of the Audience Award Selection Panel:

• Will be included in the final music show

• Will receive the Official MiraBand Music Call “Audience Award” Certificate and Laurel (digital format) 

• Will be listed on our web site and social networks; 

All Winners of this Season:

• Will receive the MiraBand Music Call Official Laurels for “Winner of The Season” 

• Will receive the MiraBand Music CallOfficial Certificate “Winner of The Season”

• Will be listed on our web site and social networks for the next whole year; 

• Will be shared by our network of International Media Partners

• As we host multiple art events (such as film festivals and art exhibitions), if you are a winner of this contest and the event is happening in your city, you will receive 2 VIP Pass to all our events for 1 year.

• Winning songs, music scores and soundtracks will be shared with our network of clients and freelancers, who are always looking for great talents to work with

• Winning songs, music scores and soundtracks may be included as music background in the innovative audioguide of the MiraBanART Showcase, a Contemporary Art exhibition reinventing the way we experience Visual and Fine Arts through the Power of Tales.
In this case, the winners' selected music will be mentioned in every form of publicity that will be created to support MiraBanART Showcase (media, press articles, posters, webpage, etc).

Each Artist may submit to more on-going competitions, but each Entry will require payment of a separate entry fee.
All Entries that violate any third party intellectual property rights, data protection laws, the MiraBan Website Terms and Conditions or any other applicable national laws, will be deemed ineligible.
You will bear your own costs incurred with respect to the preparation of your Entry as well as any costs relating to your participation in a Competition including but not limited to the cost of creating the materials submitted.
You warrant that:
All information provided with your Entry is true, complete and accurate;
Subject to sub-clause (iii) of this section, your Entry is your own original creation and that you are the sole author and proprietor of the Entry and all the information contained therein; and to the extent that your Entry relies on or is designed to rely on or incorporate intellectual property that does not belong to you, any third party's image or likeness, or any other third party rights, you warrant that you have obtained all appropriate and necessary licenses, rights and/or consents to use such content in your Entry.
You shall indemnify and hold MiraBan, its employees, owners, directors and any Panel members harmless in full and on demand against any loss, cost, damage, injury or expense that it may incur as a result of any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions.
You shall fully co-operate with and participate in all publicity and promotional activities in respect of each Competition that you enter. Without limitation to the nature of the promotional and publicity activities you may be required to participate in, you agree to the publishing of your name and the name and description of your music on MiraBan's website and any MiraBan contractor's website, and inclusion in press releases and other media coverage (including social media) if your entry is selected.
You shall not engage in any publicity or promotional activities or make any public announcement about your participation in a Competition without the prior written consent of the MiraBan
By submitting your Entry, you grant MiraBan a worldwide, royalty-free right and license to use the contents thereof for purposes of evaluating the Entry and the promotional rights herein.
Any use of your personal data by MiraBan under these Terms and Conditions will be done subject to the MiraBan Privacy Policy that you can read at https://www.miraban.com/terms-and-conditions-policy/
MiraBan accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities (whether direct or indirect, howsoever arising), injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of submitting an Entry or accepting any prize. MiraBan further disclaims any liability for any injury or damage to you or any other person's property relating to resulting from participation in, or accessing or using any materials in connection with a Competition.
MiraBan shall not be liable for any damage, loss, liability (whether direct or indirect, howsoever arising), injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of the acts or omissions of any third party associated with a Competition.
- I/We have read all of the rules, understand, and have complied with these rules.
- I/We warrant the submission of my/our original work and that there are no disputes regarding the ownership of the submission.
- I/We also warrant the submitted material does not defame or invade the rights of any person living or dead.
- To the best of my/our knowledge, all the statements herein are true and correct.
- I/We understand that failure to adhere to the competition rules and regulations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
-I/We acknowledge that once an entry payment has been processed, MiraBand Music Call will not provide a refund.
No revisions of materials will be accepted once entry has been submitted.
By submitting to MiraBand Music Call, you acknowledge that:
1. you agree to the competition rules mentioned above
2. MiraBand Music Call has the right of Publication of the music and texts in the website of the selection and other forms of communication (i.e. social networks) and activities of the organization (i.e. live exhibitions)
3. You are the author of the music you submitted and all the information you shared with us are right and true. Whether any information is partial or false, I understand I will be disqualified from the competition
4. If your submission is incorrect (i.e. minimum size is not respected and sim.), MiraBand Music Call has the right to disqualify your music from the competition
MiraBand Music Call cannot send waiver codes but we do send discount offers to artists considered particularly suitable for the exhibition.
We understand the financial constraint you might have and costs of submitting to art events, but we still hope you can find it in your budget to submit your music.
MiraBan has the right to cancel or postpone a Competition at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice and without liability whatsoever.
Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed in the MiraBan Website Terms and Conditions. In case of conflict between the MiraBan Competition Policy and the MiraBan Website Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions will prevail, unless otherwise expressly indicated herein.
When you apply to a MiraBan Competition, you understand you made your choice willingly. Hence fore, no reimbursement can be applied, regardless of the results of the competition itself.
Each Competition and the Terms and Conditions, and any dispute relating thereto or between you and MiraBan will be governed by the laws of England (UK), without regard to conflict/choice of law principles. You hereby agree that all disputes arising out of or in relation to a Competition and/or these Terms and Conditions will be brought in an English court.