Minutnik Film and Beer Festival is a great opportunity to showcase your film in a relaxed environment of film and beer lovers. The name comes from a stream by the same name that has a strange property of only flowing in sporadic, minute-long bursts. This is why the film festival will focus on short films.

Due to a large number of submissions we have extended the festival deadline till the end of July and we will be hosting the competition at the end of August. All the contestants that have already been accepted to the festival will receive laurels and will be joining us for the August part of the festival when the semi-finalists will be declared.


Thursday, June 16 2016
20:30 - We Will Be the World Champions; Darko Bajic, 127'

Friday, June 17 2016
9:00 - Cult Movies: russian cult film
15:00 - 19:00 - Screenings of movies in the Red Room

to be determined

1st place - renting a motorhome for a week (for needs of shooting or for a vacation)
2nd & 3rd place - gift certificates for multimedia merchandise

Two categories will be considered:
- ultra short films (3 minutes or less)*
- short films (15 minutes or less)

* you can go as short as possible. Submissions from Vine and other micro-film media is also accepted, as long as it's provided through the FilmFreeway distribution system or a downloadable link.

We accept films in these genres:
- fiction
- documentary
- experimental

Animation is not accepted.

The entry is FREE. The competition will happen live at the evening of the second day of the festival, which is Friday, June 17th 2016.

Submissions must arrive through FilmFreeway. Other submissions will not be considered.

Overall Rating
  • A festival with a lot of heart.

    January 2017
  • Biswanath Rath

    There is no communication from Film Festival organiser regarding the screening of selected films. We understand their concern in handling large no of films, but at least communication should be maintained properly. Else its affecting the brand image of festival as well as our own brands (as we, the filmmakers, have to communicate the event dates in social media to our audience)

    September 2016
  • Suncica Ana Veldic

    I've sent mail to get info about the screening but got no answer. We've didn't get any notification from the festival, no one contacted us. I'm still wondering why... :(

    July 2016
  • brwa kamil

    I wish success for all directors and artists hope lectured at the International Festival

    June 2016