Minute Made Film Festival is a 60 second film festival, open exclusively to students at Bristol-based universities. Judged by a panel of creative media professionals, Minute Made is an exciting opportunity to share your work, and have a chance to win prize money and equipment rental vouchers.

Persons submitting must be a current student at either UoB, UWE or Screenology.

Submissions must be made using university email.

Submissions are not limited per person.

Submissions must be based on the word prompt for that submission period.

Submissions must include the Minute Made title card at the start of the film.

Submitted films must not exceed 60 seconds in length (excluding title card).

The filmmaker must have the right to use everything featured in their film (e.g: soundtrack, stock footage, citations, etc).

The film will remain the filmmaker’s intellectual property but can be used in promotional material for Minute Made.

Everyone who submits has the right to withdraw their submission without providing a reason UP UNTIL the prizes have been awarded.

We reserve the right to exclude any submission that does not comply with our guidelines or that we deem openly and deliberately offensive.