Mind and Time

For a huge sum of money, a man with the ability to rewind time struggles to win a game of chess against a woman who can see and hear peoples thoughts. Infinite attempts, impossible situation.

  • Henri Shore
  • Henri Shore
  • Liam Morrissey
  • Ricky Anderson
    Key Cast
  • Tiahna McBride
    Key Cast
  • Dillon Beaman
    Director of Photography
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Georgia Flay
    Production designer
  • Reece Paul-Utiera
  • Michele Pellicani
    Classical music reproduction
    MN Production (Rome)
  • Ben Kezic
    Sound recording
  • Ethan Tullet
    Sound recording
  • Ethan Tullet
  • Nick Sawiack
    Sound design
  • Shaun Liddell Jennings
    Sound design
  • Geogria Flay
    Sound design
  • Kent Hosokawa
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Genres:
    Drama, Comedy, Psychological Thriller
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 47 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 6, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 AUD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, Pro Res, UltraHD
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - SAE institute
Director Biography - Henri Shore

Hello there, my name is Henri and I like to dream.

I've had a habit of day dreaming all my life and it's lead to many ideas I've grown passion for. On top of that Film has become that one thing in life I naturally enjoy and invest my time in.

The writing of a film is what I cherish the most, have the best special effects, have the best cinematography, have the best acting and sound track. If the writing is bad your movie will be bad. This is the rule I intend to follow as I journey into the world of filmmaking

My experience is in writing, directing and editing, I find all three natural and incredibly entertaining to do

I've dreamt a lot and wish to bring those dreams to life, if you can, please, follow me with that journey.

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Director Statement

This is my first official film and an absolute passion project of mine. I conceived the idea when writing for a Script project during my first trimester of university, I wanted to think of something I could actually make into a film later down the line and one that can be done mostly in one room yet still be brimming with plot and high concept. 5 trimesters later I pitched this for a finale cap stone and became project lead. What started my journey in university ended it, how fitting.

This Film on the surface acts to entertain while answering a simple question, out of a man who can rewind time and a woman who can read minds who would win in a turn based strategy game? The journey the protagonist takes is that of solving the puzzle that is how to win in this seemingly impossible situation. I put much thought and effort into setting the rules for their powers in order to have plot make sense and stay tight. After this the main challenge was figuring out how to have the protagonist, Will, not only figure out his opponents power but overcome it within 15 minutes of screen time. I believe in the best of my ability I've managed to write and depict these steps in a way that makes sense, captivates and entertains audiences.

Beyond the entertainment there is an aim to subvert expectations in conventional character arcs and messages. The film sets up the protagonist to be egocentric and cocky having always gotten everything he wanted. As the film goes on and this character, Will, begins to struggle with the idea of losing a message about accepting defeat comes to mind. We see Will reflect on his actions and selfish use of his powers, accepting defeat here would have him come out of this game a better person however just as he's about to concede the opportunity to win presents itself and Will immediately throws the lesson out the window. Will not only wins but goes the extra mile on rubbing it into his opponents face, He's even more sinister than we ever imagined. Will ends the film a victor and a worse person than before. The arc for Will is more or less an opportunity presented and rejected by him and in the end we see how pathetic such a perfectionist way of life is for him, weather he knows it or not.

This film is exposition heavy however with the mechanic of the mind reading introduced it turns exposition dumps into the main characters inner monologue being read out, I find this a fun way to have the characters overthinking and overt thoughts come across as an integral part of the plot.

For my first film I'd happily call this an achievement. I had a clear vision and a tight script to act as the Base for it. My talented crew and I put much effort into the production and post-production and the result to me is a fast paced, tight, heavily stylized and entertaining film to kick of our careers.