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Mind; Your Business- The mirror is a reflection of YOU not the world

A journey of self discovery, science may have declared the mind to be the most
complex mechanism to ever exist, however; this story highlights the simplicity-
and pure emotion that the mind is based around. Within the basics of self
experiences, research and observation- this short film is an attempt to depict the
mind of a person suffering through SAD- Social Anxiety Disorder. What may sound
made up, and a ‘new generation’ human centered marketing stunt, in true reality
is the cause of multiple suicides and death. This story emphasizes the link of the
mind and the heart, how both work towards the same target with different
approaches- HAPPINESS. The 180 degree transformation may not be easy- but
each step is a breadcrumb- leading or way back home- of SATISFACTION and
GRATITUDE. Society plays a key role in this short film as well. Interestingly, the
term society plays both a supporting protagonistic and a main antagonist- it's a
spectrum you see! Diving into the roots of concepts- complex to explain in words-
but the eyes of our main protagonist share an entire story with you, a story of joy,
a story of being a puppet, and a story of success. Now, what is Success? You are
about to find out...

  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 23 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project: