The Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival is a celebration of horror and the macabre.

After a very successful 2 year run at Milwaukee's Underground Collaborative performance space, the Twisted Dreams Film Festival moves to a new home in 2018. Next year will see us relocated to the Times Cinema in the heart of Milwaukee. This single screen theater is host to some of Milwaukee's best indie and classic horror films and has a built in audience.

Throughout the year, we host single screening events to keep our brand alive and fresh. It's our hope to one day be a destination festival for genre fans and film makers alike. 2017 saw us as the largest genre film festival in the state of Wisconsin.

Set in the springtime to set itself apart from the other horror film festivals, the Twisted Dreams Festival is unique. Fall is a crowded time of the year for festivals. Especially in Milwaukee with some very big festivals occurring that time. Plus, horror fans are fans year round and don't just come out during Halloween so, we decided on a spring time event.

Events are broken down into sessions. Short films are a part of "short blocks" running 90-100 minutes, features are their own showcase. Some short blocks will be themed including a block devoted to animation and one devoted to women filmmakers depending on submissions.

Milwaukee is home to many great tourist attractions and draws an audience from all over the country.

An audience and Jury award will be given for Best Feature, Best Short, and Best Wisconsin Short.
Jury consists of a diverse group of people from Genre Fans to professional filmmakers including head of Troma Films Lloyd Kaufman.

Additional Awards will be given for

Best Director Feature
Best Director Short

Best Feature Screenplay
Best Short Screenplay

Best Actor in a Feature
Best Actor in a Short

Best Actress in a Feature
Best Actress in a Short

Best Supporting Actor in a Feature
Best Supporting Actor in a Short

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature
Best Supporting Actress in a Short

Best Ensemble in a Feature
Best Ensemble in a Short

Best Cinematography Feature
Best Cinematography Short

Best Makeup Feature
Best Makeup Short

There are many forms horror can take and we screen it all. From traditional horror films to horror comedy, psychological thrillers, science fiction, documentaries, animation, and grindhouse films. If you have a film that has any sense of macabre or disturbing elements we want to screen it.

There is NO 'Film Made By' date. Send us your best work.

EPK's are highly encouraged.

If you are sending us hard copies of submissions whether if for consideration or accepted status and would like it returned, please include a self addressed postage paid mailer.

Submission copies must be an Online Screener (preferred submission method), DVD, or Blu-Ray (NTSC system only) with a digital file.

DCP is the preferred Exhibition formats accepted but will also accept data digital files.

Please do NOT send .ZIP files!

The rules are basic but necessary. Please take a quick look at the info below before you submit.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree:

I have read, understated and fully comply with all submission eligibility information, Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Entry and Entry Eligibility requirements.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this submission are true.
This film or video is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation and I am authorized to submit this film to the festival.

I hold Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival and it's promotion team harmless from any claims of liability anything that might occur during the course of the festival or screening of the film.

I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music, print, images and everything contained in the film and/or promotional materials of the submitted film.

I give permission for Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the film for promotional purposes

I give permission for Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival to screen the film at the Festival for which it was submitted.

Overall Rating
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    Max Groah

    We had the honor of being the first feature of the fest on Friday night. The crowd was fantastic. The presentation of the film was perfect. The organizers let us know everything we needed to know well in advance, which made our trip up to Milwaukee a breeze.
    If you're accepted to this fest, do yourself a favor and go. It was a great time with a great group of people.

    April 2018
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    Ron Purtee

    A very quaint and welcoming festival that is only going to get bigger! Can't say enough amazing things about it!

    April 2018
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    Jim Martin

    A festival with amazing taste, communicative people and radical flicks. It's as inspiring as it is depraved in its content. Can't wait to submit another movie to these cats!

    May 2017
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    Melonie Gartner

    This is a one of a kind festival. So glad to be a part of it! Thank you Christopher and Craig for putting the festival together.

    April 2017
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    Nolan Lewis

    We had such a good time at this year's festival. The organizers, Christopher and Stephen, and all the volunteers were great. So friendly, and enthusiastic about the genre. There were some fun panels, and opportunities to meet the other filmmakers, and fans of the genre.

    As an added bonus, Milwaukee is an awesome city. We had a blast!

    Thank you, Twisted Dreams.

    April 2017