Witch Hunt

Four millennial witches accidentally kill the worst president ever. As edgy, boundary-pushing, and female-friendship-positive as Broad City, but with witches and gay stuff.

  • Erin Rye
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Austin Film Festival
    Austin, TX
    October 25, 2019
    Second Rounder
Writer Biography - Erin Rye

Erin got her start in Florida, as all strange Americans do. She originally aspired to be a horse trainer or marine biologist/gator hunter. Instead she spent her teen years studying classical music and theater of the oppressed. After attending NYU for musical theater, she realized she might hate musical theater and moved across the country. In Los Angeles, she worked as an actor in film, television, and commercials before she realized she might hate acting. Currently, she is finishing her first short film as a writer/director. But she also starred in it and wrote a song & dance number into the film, so maybe she doesn't hate acting or musical theater after all.

Erin also produces and hosts her own podcast, Erin and Aliee Hate Everything, featuring weekly rants on topics ranging from dog parenting to slaying the patriarchy. Her other passion is working as a life and career coach for creative people, which is, like, so LA.

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Writer Statement

This project was born out of my desire to explore female power, friendship, and perseverance in the year 2019 when it feels like the world is on fire and our rights are under attack every day. I’m a queer millennial and I want to see the world I live in represented on television in all its many shades of gender and sexuality. I’m not afraid to push boundaries and take risks...obvi. This is a love letter to my weird witchy friends and neighbors. This is my Silver Lake in 2019 as drawn by Keith Haring, populated by the people I see every day, from multi-ethnic lesbian Tara to Mexican-American genderqueer goddess, Sprinkle. This is what today’s landscape of gender, race and sexuality looks like in urban centers. Representation matters and we need to see ourselves on television. My strength is tackling big ideas and social issues with humor. I find laughter is the best way to disarm people who might not agree with me and also the best way to explore my own human weaknesses and ridiculous life choices.