The Military Script Showcase recognizes and showcases feature screenplays and television scripts that feature military stories, and provides opportunities for writers to showcase their projects to development executives, producers, agents, and managers.

All script entries receive a script listing with the project logline on a custom page of the website. (You may opt out of receiving this benefit on the entry form if you do not wish to make your logline and contact info available.)


Accepting feature film screenplays and TV scripts in all genres featuring military elements. Each submission entry requires:

SCREENPLAY or TELEPLAY - Feature screenplays must not exceed 120 pages. Television scripts must not exceed 60 pages.

LOGLINE - A brief description of your script’s story (up to 50 words).

WRITER’S BIO - A Writer’s Bio may include background, resume, accolades, training, experience, as well as any upcoming projects.


A custom project page on the website to showcase your script to development executives, producers, managers and agents.+ Includes:

* Logline Listing
* Writer Bio
* Contact Email or Website

+ You may choose to opt-out of this benefit on the entry form if you do not wish your logline or contact info listed.

Awards & Prizes

Winning scripts receive
* “Winner” Recognition Laurel
* Script listed on the “Winners & Official Selections” page of the website
* Opportunity to showcase the first 10 pages of your script on a custom project page of the website for development executives, producers, and others to access. (You may opt-out of this award on the entry form if you do not want development executives, producers, and others to have access to your material or contact info).

All scripts not classified as winners receive
* An “Official Selection” laurel
* Script listed on the “Winners & Official Selections” page of the website

Rules & Terms

* Entrant(s) must be 18 years of age or older.
* All entries must be in English.
* All entries must be submitted in PDF format. No exceptions.
* Title Page: Include title and writer’s name.
* Scripts must be in standard screenplay format. No exceptions.
* Both produced and unproduced scripts are eligible.
* Both represented and non-represented writers are eligible.
* Teams of writers are eligible.
* Scripts that have previously won a competition are eligible.
* Substitutions of corrected pages, revised material, or new drafts, require a new entry and payment.
* We DO NOT offer deadline extensions.
* We DO NOT offer fee waivers or discounts.
* We DO NOT offer individual feedback on script submissions.
* All submission payments are final. We do not provide refunds.
* By submitting a script you confirm that you own the rights to the material submitted.
* By submitting a script you confirm that you have read and agree to our eligibility and rules. Judges decisions are final.


How do I submit my film?
Submissions are accepted via FilmFreeway.

Is there a way I can enter the showcase for free? Do you provide fee waivers for writers with financial hardships?
No, we do not offer fee waivers of any kind.

What if I change my mind about entering the showcase after making payment, can I receive a refund?
No, we do not offer refunds for any reason. No exceptions. Be sure to carefully read and verify your submission meets all criteria prior to entry.

Where does the money go for the entry fee?
Entry fees are used to pay professional readers, administrative labor fees, promotional expenses, and delivery costs.

Does the entrant retain rights to the submitted script?
Yes, entrants retain all the rights to their works.

If I win will I have to assign any rights to my script or any percentage of sales or future profits?
Absolutely not. Entrants retain all the rights to their works. Film & Script Showcase nor its readers, judges or sponsors will attach themselves to your material as a condition of you being designated a winner, nor will we demand any percentage of any sales you make as a result of entering or winning the showcase.

Can anyone have access to the script once submitted?
All script entrants have the opportunity to showcase their logline, and Winners also may include the first 10 pages of the script on the competition website for development executives, producers, and others to access. You may opt-out of this benefit on the entry form if you do not wish to have your material or contact info available.

How will you use my contact information?
Rest-assured, we will never sell or rent your contact information to anyone.

Can I submit script in Final Draft or Word?
No, all entries must be submitted in PDF format. No exceptions.

How do I turn my screenplay document into a PDF file?
If you are using screenwriting software such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriting, the software will allow you to save your script as a PDF file. If you have written your script in Microsoft Word, you also have the option to save the document as a PDF file or to print as a PDF file (which saves the document in PDF format).

Do I have to include a Copyright or WGA registration number with my script submission?
No, it is not required, however we recommend you obtain a copyright or WGA registration number (or foreign equivalent) for your material.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Vincent Masson

    Thanks for showcasing Military stuff. Honoured to have been apart of it.

    March 2017
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    Theodore Carl Soderberg

    Very professional and would advise anyone to check it out.

    March 2017
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    Robert J. Rogers

    It's tough to get two (2) plays in the finals and not win. Congrats to the winners. Good job!

    R.J. Rogers
    "Hell on Neptune"
    "The Salt Box"

    March 2017