Trailer art for Final film

this is my ongoing pet project that has become my final film for my animation class

  • Emmaline "Miles" Theresa Lattner-Lane
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Student Project:
    Yes - edinboro university
Artist Biography

My name is Emmaline Lattner-Lane and I am a student of Edinboro University in the field of animation. After graduation I aspire to work as a stop motion animator. I want to impact the film industry by bringing back stop motion animation as a popular and respected medium. I have always had a love for animation and film. Ever since I was a child I would watch animated films and try to replicate scenes in my own way. I also learned to show my feelings and experiences through the stories I create with my art. I will bring this passion into my animation to help make relatable content for all ages.

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Artist Statement

I want my art to inspire others creativity and emotion. My art tends to be either very whimsical, fun and child like or dark and sort of gloomy. I believe that was due to the mixture of influences from Walt Disney, Claude Coats, and Marc Davis. These artists inspired me to strive to bring emotion to others whether it be through positive or somber experiences. My artistic skills are favorable for both themes because of my style and versatility with my drawing style. My ability to create appealing and compelling characters is the technical skill that I believe helps demonstrate my work.