Mile High Style

As im, an upcoming fashion designer and I like photography also my all the designs are made for the future-based concept I'm trying to show my passion for how I like to create my world of fashion by creating these designs. It's very difficult during these days as a pandemic is going on so I have to be very prepared about it so I try to make a garment to show how it will end. The first is based on gothic style second is from Hawaiian and the last is the futuristic concept.

  • samdarsh gupta
  • samdarsh gupta
    fashion illustrator and designer
  • Date Taken:
    April 14, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    canon 7-d
  • Lens:
  • Shutter Speed:
  • Aperture:
  • ISO / Film:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - pearl academy jaipur
  • canon photography contest
    jipur india
    February 21, 2020
    best photo
Artist Biography

Samdarsh Gupta is born on May 30, 2000, in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. I get the burning desire for creating beautiful things and an eye for fashion from her mother. I remembers designing and creating outfits from scratch with her mother on their sewing machine.
I went to Jaiur to pursue my desire to become a fashion designer so , I took Pearl Academy Jaipur as my collage right now I'm in 3rd year. i worked with the well know digital house in delhi and my one of my biggest achieve right now that my work published in an international magazine name Marika Magazine .

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Artist Statement

Fashion; to me it is an art. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, which, for me makes it fascinating- everyone has a different style. For some people, self-expression is difficult, having an individual style gives these people the ability to show their personality and beliefs and this intrigues me.