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Mike and Mechanic

Mike and Mechanic is a homosexual short play about daily snippet of how other people's day to day life pertain...its always nice to try to understand or see life from other peoples lens...that broadens the thinking scope hence wider options in decision making... Very intriguing, challenging and informative avant-garde kind of play.

  • Nyameko Mfithi
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    Stage Play
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  • Country of Origin:
    South Africa
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Writer Biography - Nyameko Mfithi

Nameko is a South African middle age male, a father of four beautiful children, partner to a wonderful goddess of the soil. Successfully went through university of hard knocks and self acclaimed art savant...

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Writer Statement

Because we are in a plane that is binary on its nature, that influences our perception of every thing as we now tend to look and see everything in two, meaning right or wrong, black or white, male or female, day or night...yet that's not all that there is...