Midwest Hu$tler

You're not a real hustler unless you can lose it all and win it back. And Zane lost it all in high school, in one drag race: his pride, his car and his girl, Jordan. Twenty years later, he's stuck in a small Illinois town. Only his dog Oxide and a meager income made from hustling other street racers keep him going. Then unexpectedly, Zane's past hustles him, and he's faced with his painful mistakes all over again. He's court-ordered to mentor Trent, a young street racer. Jordan is Trent's mother, and Trent's father happens to be Zane's old rival from high school. Zane finally has the chance to win back his self-respect and the love of his life. But his old rival won't let the past go and threatens to destroy Zane's last chance for happiness. Will he prove himself behind the wheel or will the cataclysmic provocations and life-changing revelations about everything Zane thinks he knows steer him into last place again? Join us for the ride.

  • Zaine Bray
  • Rynell Benckendorf -female
  • Zaine Bray
  • Zaine Bray
  • Zaine Bray
    Key Cast
  • Matthew Devall
    Key Cast
  • Steve Montana
    Key Cast
  • Brain Swain
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  • Renee Domenz
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Writer Biography - Zaine Bray, Rynell Benckendorf -female

Zaine and his mother were abandoned by his drug addict father at ten months of age. Growing up very poor, his mom worked three jobs to support them. He started working at the age of 13 to help buy things he wanted that his mother couldn't afford. He loved racing and raced everything he got his hands on. He was the fastest kid in the neighborhood on his big wheel. He soon progressed to racing BMX bikes, go karts, dirt bikes and four wheelers. His mother told him, "Do what you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life." When he turned 16 he got his first car. His grandfathers Ford Gran Torino. He started drag racing everyone he could on the streets. Knowing that he couldn't afford to lose any races, he learned to hustle. Zaine developed a love for being in front of the camera when he was featured in "The Lake House" when he shook hands with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in a couple scenes. With a new passion for acting, he continued to work in multiple feature movies, TV series and landed a few roles in independent films. Combining his love for racing and acting, he started writing, which incorporated true life experiences of underground Midwest street racing. He initially wrote Midwest Hu$tler as a movie series, but had to cut a lot of the back story and other scenes out to shorten it to a feature size screenplay. He would love nothing more than to see Midwest Hu$tler be made into a movie or TV series. Zaine still hustles in the underground street racing scene and is currently working on making a documentary of hustling Midwest street racers. Zaine is the "Midwest Hu$tler"

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Writer Statement

I put my love and passion into this screenplay. My fiance' helped me smooth Midwest Hu$tler out after I put down the meat of the story. I've put a lot of sweat, blood and tears into this project. I would love to team up with a production team to make this a better production than I'll be able to make. However things work out will be.

If I don't team up with a great production company I will be filming this movie on an indie level next summer of 2017. I have all the camera, sound, and lighting equipment already purchased. I also have the cast, crew and locations in place too. I also perform all my own stunts. I'm proud to have Paradox Mufflers, Anderson Racing, The Axle Exchange, and Mutt Muffs as sponsors. Follow the movie on Facebook.com/MidwestHustler Join me and the other 150k+ fans for the ride!