A festival for all the fans of cinema, short films and the audiovisual industry.
Submit your short and feature films and participate in this first season of the Midnight Film Festival!
MFF is a festival that aims to give visibility to all independent and emerging authors.

It will also be awarded the prize for the best film of this first edition of "Midnight Film Festival" and the author will win a prize of 1000 dollars!

General Sections & Awards:
-Best Feature Film
-Best Action Short Film
-Best Sci-fi Short Film
-Best Fantasy Short Film
-Best Thriller Short Film
-Best Drama Short Film
-Best Comedy Short Film
-Best Horror Short Film
-Best Experimental Short Film

1)The projects must include a poster and a sinopsis in English.

2) Directors can send as many projects as they wish, there is no limit.

3) Short/Feature Films from any country will be accepted, just be sure to provide us english subtitles if the short film is in a language other than English.

4) Films must have been completed after 1st of January, 2018.