Private Project

Middle of Nowhere

Due to his continuous failures on his career path, a struggling actor Cheuk seeks for a breakthrough by committing a world-wide casting. The result remains unknown but he rediscovers the meaning of being a performing artist throughout the journey.

  • Sham Kwan Yin
  • Sham Kwan Yin
  • Suen Chi Hung
    Key Cast
    "Cheuck Fan"
  • Ho King Lok
    Key Cast
  • Yueng Chin Pang
    Director of Photography
  • Timothy Chan
  • Ng Sing Yu
    Camera Operator
  • Chan Tin Shun
    Production Designer
  • Lo Long Ching
    Art Director
  • Chui Chin Wai
    Costume Design
  • Lam Ka Ting
    Production Manager
  • Ng Sing Yu
    Color Grading
  • Leung Hei Lam
    Sound Mixing
  • Leung Hei Lam
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    33 minutes 49 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 22, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    4,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Hong Kong
  • Country of Filming:
    Hong Kong
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Hong Kong Baptist University
  • MM2 Movie Makers Awards
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    December 1, 2020
  • Global University Film Award
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    December 17, 2020
    Special Mention
Director Biography - Sham Kwan Yin

Anson Sham has graduated from HKBU film concentration. He's now the founder and artistic director of production studio Storeroom9hk. He has been a feature film screenwriter at 109G studio working with award-winning director Jevon Au, director of 'Ten Years' (Hong Kong), 'Trivisa', and 'Distinction'. Besides his job as a screenwriter, Anson also shot his own films as a director. His first film 'The Kingdom of Men', has been selected in multiple international film festivals. 'Middle of Nowhere' is his second film, also the first narrative fictional film. Anson has also finished his feature productions 'Journey to the West' and '#1314', performance films collaborate with Hong Kong Art Festival and GuangZhou Grand theatre.

The story of 'Middle of Nowhere' derived from his experiences in theatre. He has over 4 years of experience in devising theatre works after graduating from Physical Theatre Institution. He has been working with internationally renowned theatre company Theatre De la Feuille and Tang Shu Wing Theatre Studio to tour around the world with productions such as 'Titus Andronicus 2.0' (Poland, Czech, Britain, 2016), 'Papa' (Japan, Korea, 2017; China, 2016).

Anson has also participated in a creative position in films. Due to his background, Anson has been the assistant choreographer of the film 'Three', directed by Johnie To, to stage a real-time slow-motion dance sequence. Also, Anson has also been participating in the first Hong Kong Sci-Fi Blockbuster 'Warriors of Future' to choreographed the movement of alien creatures using motion capture technology.

Anson is now focusing on his own work. His works included fictional shorts such as 'Miles Away', documentary shorts 'Feast on Wasteland' and 'The Alchemist', and planning for an experimental feature 'Kṣetra'.

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Director Statement

I can still remember the tough times of being a theatre practitioner. It's a memorable time packed with not only passion and love but also struggles and pain.

At the moment that most resources in Hong Kong's art scene allocated to Hong Kong and China Co-production, independent artists struggle a lot and leave no choice but touring around China. Some of us find it unfulfilling because of the high cost of production with low returns. We are carrying tons of luggage traveling to china with only a few people in the team. Many of us has given up and decided to literally move to China to continue their career. Which led the remaining local artist started to rethink: is that worth it to create a production within the shrinking art scene in Hong Kong?

During the time of self-doubt, we did a show that tailored to a group of mentally handicapped children. It's a very simple show about an ancient hero fighting tons of evils. After the show, a kid comes to us and tells us that we are the most awesome hero he ever saw and ask us to rerun for them. That's a moment that you won't forget in a lifetime. That moment makes all the struggles worth.

After shifting to an independent filmmaker, the situation doesn't improve. But for me, I find my mortal - In dark time, we respond with art.

Anson Sham