Build your audience before and after our MicroMania 2021!

MicroMania (channel) and MicroMania Film Fest 2021 are nonprofit projects created to support independent voices in film while celebrating the skill and artistry of films up to 5 minutes long (not including credits).*

More than a yearly event, MicroMania offers year round programming featuring officially selected filmmakers and industry professionals, the opportunity to grow your audience via the MicroMania channel (Vimeo) and an annual in person event in July 2021 (Covid-19 willing).

Our channel accomplishes what few of us can promoting on our own - attract random views and new audiences. We're already at 210,000K views for our 2019 & 2020 filmmakers - since its launch March 28th, 2020.

We work with our filmmakers to amplify.
The more you tag us, the more we engage, share, retweet and highlight across our networks.

Once a MicroMania filmmaker, always a MicroMania filmmaker. We're developing a newsletter and a private FB group to share news, opportunities and your accomplishments - no matter when your film was accepted. Once a MicroMania filmmaker, always a MicroMania filmmaker!


Best microINDIGENOUS film (Submission via Native Spirit Film Festival)
Best Micro Action
Best Micro Film Trailer


Officially selected films are notified within a month after each of our channel deadlines (Early Fall, Winter, and Spring). Films officially accepted have the opportunity to generate views via MicroMania channel inclusion and advance to our finalist selection round. Channel inclusion is an opt-in opportunity.

The top 10 highest rated films in each category * (1-10 stars) via MMFF jury members, notified by June 17 2021, advance to compete for awards, prizes, special highlighting across our networks and other opportunities leading up to and during MicroMania Film Fest 2021 July 18th 2021.

View former MicroMania Film Fest 2019 & 2020 officially selected and honorable mention films on the MicroMania channel:


We take great care to make sure that our judges reflect all members of a society. It's the only way to ensure that brilliance isn't passed over because of unconscious prejudice or bias.

Films are screened, evaluated and rated by a panel of industry professionals, bloggers, critics, academics, multi-disciplinary artists and film festival programmers. Our judges are instructed to rate based on impact and production quality. Technical imperfection is not grounds for inclusion as long as it doesn't distract from overall impact.

All officially selected films receive a laurel and have the opportunity to screen online via the MicroMania Vimeo channel. Channel selection occurs on a monthly basis. Officially selected films compete for finalist status. Finalist notification by June 17, 2021. Channel selection does not guarantee 2021 event inclusion.

2021 JUDGES:
we are currently assembling our judging panel.

2020 JUDGES:
Carl Lee (Professor of Media Studies)
Nick Bigtower (Bigtower Pictures)
Killer Horror Critic
MJ Micheaux Film Club
Christa Avampato (blogger - Curating a Creative Life)
Black Girls Film Club
Tweed (Artistic Director Native Spirit Film Festival)
Richard Smith (Unexplained Podcast)
Kazuya Ashizawa (Filmmaker, MMFF 2019 Best Micro-Documentary winner)
Nick Brannigan (Real World Films)
MiMi Q. Atkins (Mystic Road Films)
Tilke Hill (Actor, Producer/Director and Festival Director - Buffalo International Film Festival 2017-2019)
Joanna White-Oldham (Writer/Director/Owner JWO Media)
Aaron Leventman (Actor, Playwright, Instructor)
Ed Cardoni (Director, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center)
John Massier (Curator, Director, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center))
Neil Weschler(Playwright/ Filmmaker/ Mixed Media Artist)
Tweed (Native Spirit Film Festival)

Money isn't everything. MicroMania takes care to only select sponsors and parents with a proven track record of progressive and inclusive ideals that also compensate and treat their workers with respect and fairness.

2020 Sponsors: The New Hotness Media Institute, IndieVice, FREE AGENT, Argle Bargle: The Game Where you Insult Your Friends and collaborative partners such as Black Girl Film Club, CaraMax Studio, Mystic Road Films and Alycia Ripley.

MicroMania is dedicated to sharing your powerful minute stories with as many people as possible. We work with local non-profit organizations to show donation- based encore presentations of the festival for those who are financially disadvantaged. You may opt out of this if it does not align with your film’s trajectory.

*If your film is over 5 minutes due to credits, you may submit a version without them. If your film makes it to official selection the festival will screen the credited version.

MicroMania Film Fest 2021 Finalists compete for the following titles and a minimum of $50 USD cash award.


Best Micro-Short Film 2021
Best Micro-Short Film 2021
Best Micro-Film Trailer 2021 (not eligible for MicroMana channel inclusion)
Best Micro-Drama 2021
Best Micro-Comedy 2021
Best Micro-Horror 2021
Best Micro-Animation 2021
Micro-Documentary 2021
Micro-Freestyle 2021 (includes music video)
Micro-Experimental 2021
Micro-Episodic 2021
Micro-Action 2021

* MicroMania Film Festival reserves the right to remove any category for which a minimum of 8 films finalists have not been selected. In the event of category closure all closed category finalist films will be rolled into the genre/category they align with most closely.

We're happy to furnish a detailed accounting before or after the event, upon request.

Rules & Terms
MicroMania Film Festival is open to micro-short content up to 5min long (*credits not included) from all countries.

All non-English language films must be subtitled in English. We also ask that English language films include a caption file so that everyone can enjoy your film.

The use of copyright protected music unless you can produce written permission or proof of a usage agreement.

Obviously branded props or costuming is not allowed. This is a legal liability for you and the festival. We are happy to give entrants the opportunity to swap out music or cover logos if time permits.

No pornography and NO HATE.

MicroMania Film Festival reserves the right to remove any category for which a minimum of 8 films have not been selected due to low overall ratings as determined by MMFF submission judges. Accepted films within a category that has been eliminated will be shifted to 'Micro-Freestyle' or the closest thematic category related to the content.

Entry fees pay for operational costs (website, marketing, venue, promotional costs), filmmaker cash awards and stipends for filmmaker panelists (if a surplus remains)
Entry fees are non-refundable and required for each distinct category submission.

One fee per entry. Submissions with more than one film per entry will be immediately disqualified.

All entrants agree with the terms and conditions below to be featured as 'Officially Selected' and to qualify as a finalist/winner.

Delivery of 'Officially Selected' films will be accepted by digital means only via WeTransfer or DropBox only.

All films must be delivered in HD with credits to specifications requested in acceptance email notification. Filmmakers will also be required to send promotional stills and may be asked for descriptive text in aid of our promotional efforts.

Accepted filmmakers must ad festival email to safe list and respond in a timely manner, where possible. We understand that times are crazy and that we have no idea what anyone is facing at any given moment. We will do our best to work with you.

MicroMania Film Festival reserves the right to remove an accepted film from its programming schedule due to low resolution, poor quality or lack of timely response on the part of accepted filmmakers.

MicroMania Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize still images and submission descriptions, provided by accepted filmmakers for exhibition on the MicroMania channel (opt-in) during MicroMania Film Fest 2021 (mandatory) l and for promotional purposes leading up to the event (mandatory) and any encore events (opt-in).

Filmmakers that opt in to MicroMania Channel inclusion - grant the right for MicroMania Film Fest to stream their films until a request for removal has been sent and acknowledged by MicroMania.

The filmmaker holds the MicroMania Film Festival, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. The filmmaker certifies to have full rights. Producer will indemnify the organizers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.


Category award winners will be notified by August 15st, 2021 where available (see above)

Winners must respond by August 31th 2021 to claim award. We will work with awardees to deliver their prize but prefer digital delivery via Paypal, Venmo or TrasferWise.

Overall Rating
  • Great opportunity for new filmmakers to get their work out there. The fest always keeps in touch with updates and info when necessary, and they often promote your film online.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Keiran. Everything we do is about expanding love for micro-short films. We love really love them and believe that every one else will too! It's our pleasure to share your wonderful film!

  • Adam Gaudreault

    I loved my experience with the festival. I gave mostly all 5 stars because covid really prevented this festival from truely shining. Lukia was absolutely amazing to deal with and she has such a shining lovely personality!

    I hope next time I am accepted to this festival, I get to go in person!

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Awwww. Thank you.

    Yeah, while it was great, yadda yadda... I really miss the best part - meeting my fellow filmmakers and sharing appreciation and encouragement. There's no way to get that online.

    I hope you get accepted too!


  • Azalia Muchransyah

    It was such a pleasure to have my micro-short film included in the 2020 edition of the Micromania Film Festival! I really appreciate Lukia's passion for this festival and I really enjoyed seeing the lineup of great micro-short films. I look forward to submitting my films in the future editions.

    August 2020
  • Joanna White-Oldham

    My film was a finalist in this festival and I couldn't be more proud. It's a great feeling to know that your work is being seen. The festival director is dedicated to her mission, responsive and kind. I will submit again and recommend you do too!

    August 2020
  • Valerio Galli

    For sure this is one of the best and well-curated festival out there! Lukia is an amazing person and she knows very well how to do her job. The quality of the movies is high and the concept of the festival itself is amazing. It has been an honor to be selected... Thank you!!!!

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Valerio. It is such a pleasure to do this for me.
    I have so much love for these films that I want to world to see them - and I'm doing everything I can to make that happen.

    It was an honor to have your wonderful film. Make more, please!