Micro Film Fund is blazing the trail in the world of film funding. Currently there are three major problems with script competitions with cash prizes.

1) Results Time
2) Entry Costs
3) High competitiveness

Micro Film Fund fixes all of these issues by doing the following:

1) Results Time:
Who has 8 months to wait for results on whether or not they have won money to do their short film? Nobody. The fact is you have your script now and time is of the essence. While you are waiting for funding, festival deadlines are closing every day. So we created the first 24/24 competition. The window for entry is not several months; It's 24 hours. Results do not take several months; They take 24 hours. This means you can submit today and find out tomorrow if you won. Now that's a contest model for our "on-demand" entertainment industry.

2) Entry Costs:
are just too high. $60 for entry and $60 for coverage is just too much for young professionals. We don't believe in adding "class gates" to film funding. That's why our entry fees range from $15-$35 so that you can enter multiple contests we offer for the price of 1 of the other guys.

3) High Competitiveness:
When you enter a script competition, you have no idea how many others will enter. a few hundred? a few thousand? 10K+??
So what are the odds you will even get a fair shot? All these readers rushing through your script because their desks are collapsing under entries for months on end. We put a stop to that by putting a 100 person cap on each contest we hold. That means once we hit 100 submissions, we close entries, even if there is still time left in the 24 hours. This guarantees that you will get a fair shake when it comes to digesting your script and really considering it before reading the next one. And it ensures we can keep a 24-hour turnaround for results. It's perfect!

Micro Film Fund is here to make funding your film career easy, fun, and accessible. So enter today and consider becoming a member on our website for discount entries and secret access to members-only held contests.

$500 Production Grant

1) At this time, we are only accepting short film scripts. Please no poetry, feature scripts, pilots, or short film movie links: only the scripts.

2) Page count must be 3-9 pages. No exceptions.

3) Submissions must be complete scripts, not beginnings/excerpts from longer scripts.

4) Winners must provide a mailing address for the winnings and must submit a photo of yourself with the check to us and agree to our using it in promotions.

5) No submission fees will be refunded before, during, or after the competition and the festival will not close officially until 100 submissions have been received.

6) Scripts must follow correct format and can be disqualified for major format infractions. i.e. skipping half pages, using font bigger than 12pts.

7) Must submit as a PDF.