MYAF Dance Adjudications

The Michigan Dance Council
Michigan Youth Arts Association

The Michigan Youth Arts Festival is a comprehensive art spectacular, culminating a nine-month search for the finest artistic talent in Michigan at the high school level. More than 250,000 students across the state are involved in the adjudication process that results in nearly 1,000 being invited to participate in the annual three-day event, held in May at Western Michigan University. This year, participating dancers are required to attend the Virtual Festival all three days, participate in virtual workshops and masterclasses, and view the Virtual Dance Showcase.

● Any Michigan high school, private studio, or community organization that holds a current organizational membership to the Michigan Dance Council may apply for the Ensemble, student choreographer, or soloist adjudication.
● All student choreographers whose school/studio holds a current MDC (organizational) membership may apply. Student choreographers must ALSO have an individual Michigan Dance Council Student Membership.
● All student performers must be in grades 9-12 and hold an individual MDC Student Membership to participate in the adjudication process and festival.
● All MDC memberships must be current.

Number of Submissions:
● Each high school or studio may submit no more than one ensemble and one student work for adjudication.
● Directors with more than one company from the same studio/school will be allowed to adjudicate no more than one additional piece. This piece can be either ensemble or student choreography.

Length and Content:
● Choreography must not exceed 6 minutes.
● The title of the work should be appropriate to the intent of the piece, rather than just the title of the music.
● Choreographers are encouraged to explore accompaniment for the piece that reaches beyond the confines of popular music and to experiment with movement styles beyond popular forms.
● The choreographic intent of the piece should be clearly and fully developed.
● In student choreography submissions, all choreography must be solely the work of the student.