The Veteran Film Awards was founded by award-winning filmmaker and Army Veteran Bryan Thompson, as an extension of the 4-year running Miami Web Fest. Thompson discovered film as a post-deployment outlet of expression. The event is designed to highlight and recognize the veteran experience and to support veterans who have the passion and skill to create amazing visual works of art, thus continuing their outstanding contributions to society in a vibrant way! We thank you in advance for supporting this event.

*The Veteran Film Awards is conducted in conjunction with MIAMI WEB FEST.

Best Veteran -directed PRODUCTION (Film or Series) Trophy + $300 + $300 in Prizes
Best Veteran-created TRAILER - Trophy
Best Veteran-created FEATURE FILM - Trophy
Best Veteran-created SHORT FILM - Trophy
Best Veteran - created WEB SERIES - Trophy
Best Veteran-created STUDENT FILM - Trophy

*Other prizes available from sponsors and will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event.

Each project page on FilmFreeway has a "Director Biography" section in the lower left section of the page. This section should be used to tell us WHO on the production team is a VETERAN and a little about their HISTORY OF SERVICE. Please DO NOT LEAVE THIS SECTION BLANK. In order to qualify for this competition, the director or one of the executive producers must be a VETERAN of the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

Submissions are only accepted through FilmFreeway

By submitting, filmmaker certifies that he/she is the copyright holder and authorizes Miami Web Fest to show the works publicly.

This competition does not contain theater screenings. Content is screened and evaluated by judges online. The judges for this competition are the same judges listed on the Miami Web Fest website at

Overall Rating
  • From all the producers, crew and "Vietnam Veterans from Jersey Shore Chapter 12" who worked on "Vietnam Aftermath" . Thank you!

    May 2019