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Mi Primer Día De Clases

The first day of school is a very special moment for all children especially for their parents . It is the beginning of a new stage where the lives of all those involved will change; personally my memories about this day are full of joy, however I can't stop wondering about the challenges that some parents have to face to send their children to school on the first day. My first day of school reflects the reality of two single mothers who live in the Casa Lara a condemned building about to be demolished which is in precarious living conditions surrounded by crime and inequality. Jennifer and Nairobi are dedicated to the sale of clandestine lottery tickets to be able to support their children and send them to school for the first time; the lack of access to a job opportunity,and the difficulties of not having a home in optimal conditions, leads them to perform informal acts for money to make ends meet, these are some of the obstacles that these two young mothers have to face, in their daily life against all odds however they still have the hope of a better future.

Our motivation is to be the voice of a story that needs to be heard. The history of young mothers who do not have the opportunities within a society, who systematically labels them as irresponsible, when they have never been heard, much less given the opportunity to work or to have decent housing. The documentary shows the daily struggle that single mothers faces day by day, it also shows the unconditional love of a mother, who often risk themselves for the well been of their children, The message we want to capture aimes to young people, so that they value the effort of the parents , in their arduous effort regardless of the , in order to give the necessary to their children . we take as an example the first day of class to show the value of the stories of Those mothers in society, that will often sacrifice anything for the well been of their children.

  • Emanuel Herrera
  • Vivian Vanegas
  • René Murillo
  • Haneysa Medina
  • Henry González
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 19 seconds
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Director Biography - Emanuel Herrera

There are many things that I would like to tell you about me, especially those that have left their mark on my life and that would later make their mark on the lives of others through me. The first thing I want to say about me is that I live in a place called Colón, where everyone is friend and that's why to say hello, we adress everybody as friend. I think it would be nice to say that I am friendly, another thing I would like to say about myself is that I have a natural instinct to fight for the things I believe, especially when they put others or even me at a disadvantage, that's why Since i was 16 years old, I was part of the network of young Afro-Panamanians, who are in charge of promoting the culture, traditions and rights of us Afro-Panamanians throughout the country. like any good warrior I am also an artist, I like photography and making videos for my YouTube channel PINKVALLEY where a culture of diversity and acceptance is promoted, with a touch of fun and fashion. I imagine you wonder how I can promote a culture based on diversity and acceptance, in reality it is a very delicate task that is why I would like to tell you that I am a graduated Psychology and a member of the International LGBT Youth Network as Ambassador of Panama, which led me to create one of my most precious treasures: Emotionland. a web page with a 24/7 online emotional help chat in crisis situations. my dreams have always been to help others and represent Panamá especially that people see me and say it is Panamá for that reason when in 2017 I was selected to represent Panamá in the regional consultation on youth, peace and security was one of the most special moments in my life, and of course within my country I love representing Colón and representing each of the things I love; psychology, fashion and art, in 2017 I was proud to win the Octavio Méndez Pereira. For my province for the first time after 27 year for psychology at the regional university center in the category of culture, it was a moment that left traces and not only in me, in all the other students. Like any young person I have a rebellious soul that like to defend my rigths and the rights of other, and search for the necessary spaces To have the voice of the young people of my country heard so they could live the same opportunities as me. i was part of the group of young people who proposed initiative to create the first secretary of the youth in Panama in which I am currently working, seeking and being a link between the youth of my province and the many programs offered by NGOs, institutions and conventions that allow the opportunities to young people hungry for knowledge. finally I would like to tell you one last thing my name is Emanuel Herrera.

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