Private Project


Story starts with church premises on the screen. A Christian couple named James and Britt are talking to each other about some problem. James is a struggling artist hence Britt's family is not happy for them to getting married. They talked out the problem and James getting closer to kiss Britt but a mysterious man named mestri comes in back of them. Mestri's phone rings and James get distracted. Mestri getting a call from a man named Abbas Khan. We see Mestri in a cafe drinking his coffee, Mestri picks up and tell him" not to disturb, the work is going as per plan"
Mestri is drinking and smoking till late in the night with some thoughts. Next day we see Mestri on the sky walk thinking of something. Then next we see him on the beach. On the beach Mestri see an old couple celebrating their 40th anniversary. They are very happy. On the other side of that Mestri see James and Britt once again but in Gujarati attire. They having an argument about their sex life and each others loyalty. Mestri looked at them a bit shockingly but a friend of Mestri called him and Mestri go on to meet his friend named Padave. After a little chat and some puffs of smokes Padave carry on with his grandparents. Now Mestri looking for James and Britt but they are gone. Mestri is in a bad mood now and Abbas Khan keeps calling him and Mestri keep hanging up.
Now we see James entered in a Muslim mohalla in a hindu attire. Because he is a hindu all the Muslim crowd looking at him as he walked down the street. James stopped outside of a bungalow. We see Britt in the balcony in muslim attire. They plan to meet secretly. They meet up at very random and secret place but Mestri is there on their back. They both planning to run but her father's goons stopped them and take them to her father who is an MLA from a Muslim party. Her father warn James not to run and convert in a muslim with his all family but Britt is against that condition so they run anyway. James and Britt get cought by her father's goons and the beat up James and Britt mean while Mestri is laughing on them by sitting on side. Mestri and Abbas Khan had a argument about a payment on phone.
Next day James and Britt are sitting on cliff side thinking and talking about their future. They both got bruises on them by the beating. The both decide that they don't want to change their religion at any cost and get married as who they are. But they didn't noticed that Mestri is on their back, he tell them that he is going to end their love story. Now James and Britt try to convince Mestri about their love and compassion.
Mestri is a very different character with a different attitude and mind set, as the story gets to its end it also gets to roots of this character and tells who really is Mestri ?

  • Yatin Pawar
  • Yatin Pawar
  • Rohit Rajan Mhatre
  • Sachin Yadav
  • Manthan Khanadakhe
    Key Cast
  • Gauri Phanse
    Key Cast
  • Sujit Mestri
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    25 hours 19 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    February 8, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    7,500 USD
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  • Aspect Ratio:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Yatin Pawar