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The memorabilia are objects belonging to famous people that fans collect, and in this story are those related to cinema, which Albert collects for passion and to make trade, but they are also the particular ones collected by his schoolmate Simone, a biologist, geneticist, expert in fertility problems that collects actresses ...
...cloning them, using (without their knowledge) as mothers the women that Albert has loved and/or married in the past 25 years.
"Memorabilia" is the story of two obsessions, that of Albert for the research and enhancement of the women he meets and falls in love with, and that of his friend Simone for the female beauty, especially for iconic actresses.
Simone's obsession compensates for the fact that when she was young, was a woman with great intelligence, with a perfect body but a horrible face, fixed with plastic and maxillofacial surgery.
Simone, in the American slang is a butterface, that is, she had a beautiful body but-her-face...
The protagonist, who will have to discover the mystery, is Antonella Baldwin, a police investigator, beautiful, brunette, born well-off, who has another obsession, sex, both with men and women, not aimed at love but at pure eroticism.
This temperament leads her to consider the story in which will be involved, only from a pathological sexual point of view, since Albert has a long history of what she believes are very young women hired for girlfriend experiences.
Antonella Baldwin is also the investigator in my screenplay "F.U.D.", and in my novel "Il sale sulla coda".
Albert is 55 years old, handsome and charming, and we will discover that he is a biologist, who studied with Simone in an American university, very wealthy, reserved, nobody knows him, because all his activities are managed by "his" girls, he is married to a 27 Finnish woman, as in his life project: to marry at 45 with a young woman.
Albert is an obsessive, who plans everything, attentive to everything that could alter his personal projects or those of the women he has valued and made rich, almost always from nothing.
In fact, as will be discovered in one of the final clashes between one of the "girls", Alexia, a starred chef, suspected of a murder, and Antonella, Albert continuously realizes the myth of Cinderella, each time with a different girl, as in a TV series, in perfect harmony with his only passion: cinema.
A passion that led him, through occasional contact, also to create and marry an American actress, Sybil Wilde, now famous and awards winner.
Albert and Simone share this passion for cinema, they are obsessive cinephiles and Albert is also a great collector of memorabilia, memorabilia that belonged to actresses.
Although a 45 years friendship, they do not agree on genetic manipulation (on which the mystery of the story is based): Simone is for an extreme use of technology, even giving birth to a child from two women, while Albert is absolutely opposed to uses not health-related, therefore in favor of surrogacy, which has been used by some of his women, or genetic modification to eliminate genes that lead to hereditary diseases.

As Simone says, Albert is boring, that is, a man full of rules, rules that he imposes in his companies, and also on himself, how to never try to seduce others’ women.
The story takes place in a big city, Italian or foreign, where Albert can live a bourgeois life, where nobody knows his activities and wealth.
Part of the story takes place in Paris and in a château nearby, but it can also be London and a house in the English countryside.
Another location is a seaside resort, where Albert has a house, where Simone also has her laboratory as fertility specialist, and where Alexia, the chef, has a restaurant, "The Empress", a restaurant that is talked about but not seen, unless you want to flash back the stories told by the protagonists.
As well as the encounter between Albert and Sybil Wilde, the actress, which takes place in San Francisco, and which can only be told, although the way it takes place is very intriguing...
The scenes are almost all indoors: few on the street
Some of the girls' stories are just told, or could be flash back if you want to film their stories.
Beyond the main story, there is that of Antonella's friend, Paula, who has an attraction for Albert and who she would have children with even if she is married but cannot have children with her husband.
Paula is also the daughter of an entrepreneur who needs Albert's financial help and this will bring Paula and Albert closer in a relationship that is not what it seems.
Another story is that of Mark, the Antonella's right-hand man who ends up in a relationship with Carol, the hotelier where Albert goes skiing and who has an important part in the mystery of how Albert made up his wealth, on which the tax authorities investigate and ask Antonella to be a kind of mole, because Albert, harassed by continuous tax inspections, has had asked help from important friendships, including perhaps his class-mate Marinella Parsi who has an important political office.
The women in the story are of different nationalities: Scarlett, the dead, is "from the South" but she can be a white woman from North Africa, MO or Israeli; Tuuli, Albert's wife, is Finnish, Aleka and her mother Athina are Greek, Aleka's partner, Chandra, is a mathematician Indian woman, Sybil is American, Blandine is French, Yona is Albanian, Alexia is Brazilian, Sascha is Russian, Astrid is from Haiti.
And this could be useful to sell the product in an international context.
"Memorabilia" is filed at SIAE and for copyright is filed in the USA in my English translation.

  • Roberto Marsicano
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Writer Biography - Roberto Marsicano

Born in Taranto, for a matter of case, lived in Naples (Italy) for 57 years, than moved to Paris, Rome, Milan, UK , to work in the computer industry, from 1969 to 2019, as a CIO, CMO, Head Hunter.

On advice of my psychoanalyst, in 1997, I started to write.

I have written all my life, not for publishing, but for me only, and coming from a epoch where we, avid reader, we devoured enormous books and large quantities of books, I like to write huge stories, with many subplots, mainly crime, but I have aldo an ucronia in the pipeline.

I write in Italian language, and I can translate in English my work, that, obviously need to be adapeted .

As the brother of my grandfather was one of the first set designers in the Italian movie industry, we are a family of avid cinephiles, and my daugther (Claudia Marsicano) is an actor.

I like to write screenplays, because I love dialogues and people interactions, and I think the role of the screenplayer is to tell a story, then producers, directors and actors must be free to adapt the story to budgets and the their artistic sensibility.

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Writer Statement

Memorabilia is a huge project, so it's suitable for mini-series or series if some facts narrated in the main plot are developed .

As a pilot, the first 61 pages could be sufficient.

The English version is translated, not adapted, so the screenplay could be realized in every country and every language.

The plot has a lot of women, of different cultures, and the roles can be adapted .