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Memento Vivere, a work that will be completed in 20 years

Maybe it's a thought that we all had before actually living it: what would you say to your parents at the moment of their death? The video performance "Human Installation XXII: “Memento Vivere, a work that will end in 20 years" by Kyrahm, Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, Julius Kaiser starts from this question.

"Memento Vivere" is a work that will end in 20 years, where parents and children are invited to tell each other everything, so as not to leave anything pending, as in an imminent farewell.
Parents, sons and daughters will be filmed twice. A first time now and they have to tell each other everything that is in their hearts as if they were going to say goodbye forever, as if it were the last day of their lives. And then they will be filmed in 20 years, and who remain will tell about the promises made, what happened in their lives in the meantime: conquests, losses, successes, failures of the pact made for a comparison over time.

After this long period of time, the performances, which in its documentation becomes not only video art, but a precious collection of memories, promises, and archive.

The project was born in a historical period where parents, grandparents and grandchildren could not say goodbye.
Mariaelena's father confided immediately after the action: "I can say that this is one of the best days of my life". And without going too far, this is a reason that justifies the birth of this work.

Kyrahm said: “I look at mine, I'm terrified of the ineluctability of the existence: Where will this shapeless mass of emotions end up, dear mum and dad?”

  • Kyrahm
  • Mariaelena Masetti Zannini
  • Julius Kaiser
  • Human Installations
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Other
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 12 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Kyrahm, Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, Julius Kaiser

Kyrahm is an international artist based in Rome of visual and performance art, video art, film and activism. Upon the encounter with Julius Kaiser, she started the project Human Installations, a research comprising contemporary art, live art and avant-garde theatre. In a constant dialogue with cinema, create works of video art, documentaries and films. Her interest lies on the social function of the artist, existential dynamics, the role of identity, and the experimentation along mental and physical limits and gender roles.Their work has been presented in many countries of the world and has received prizes and institutional awards.
They are often invitated to present her work at the Academy of Art and University in Italy and abroad.
Italian Golde Globe mention for the documentary "Close your eyes and fly" by Julia Pietrangeli
Winner of the International Art Prize Laguna in Venice ( Italy, 2009)
Among the Best Gender Exploration Performance Art in the world , Idkex (Columbus, OHIO, 2009)
Best Film of the section dedicated to Pasolini of the Arcipelago Film Festival (Rome, Italy, 2015)§
Selected for ASFF BAFTA recognized Qualifying Film Festival (UK, 2016)
Best Performance Art at MACRO Art Museum in Rome Adrenalina Art Prize (Rome, Italy, 2013)
Online vote Winner Celeste Prize International, Invidible Dog Art Gallery (New York, USA, 2010)

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