Melech Film Festival Israel is The definitive Jewish Festival.

We are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. This year the festival is focusing on Premium Features and Screenplays from Jewish & Non-Jewish Filmmakers and Writers from across the globe.

We are an inclusive festival and welcome people of all walks of faith, ethnicities and orientations. We believe art brings us together as humans, and we are excited to celebrate new and emerging artists.

We accept submissions of shorts, pilots, features, screenplays and many more.

2020 AWARDS:

Best Short Film, Best Animation, Best Screenplay, Best Series, Best Short , Best Director, Best Performance, Best International Film, Best Jewish Film, Best Arabic Film, Best Non-Jewish Film, Best Israeli Film, Best Picture

Melech Film Festival Israel is The definitive Jewish Festival.

Melech – Terms and conditions

Please note: The following points are just a summary of the most important points from our terms and conditions and not legally valid. To see our full and legally valid terms and conditions please refer to our website:


1.) You own all the necessary rights of your submission project and your project was created by yourself.

2.) You can submit as many projects as you would like to while you have to pay a fee for each submission. These fees are not refundable.

3.) Your submission must not violate any laws of any country.

4.) Submissions begin being accepted on Feb 15, 2018 and stop being accepted on Oct 31, 2019.

5.) Your project must be initially submitted via URL Link using such platforms as YouTube and Vimeo. Additionally, the video file must be directly uploaded securely to FilmFreeway, located at:

6.) Melech The Jewish film festival may use your project or extraction of your projects to promote the festival as well as create a monetised viewable collection ‘best of 18’ or other similar formats. This collection is mainly used for advertisement for the festival as well as to perform one or more online screenings for the festival. If the project is shown in this collection you have no entitlement to any remuneration as a result of the revenues associated with this collection.

Overall Rating
  • Rebecca Wengrow

    Très bon contact avec de festival.

    July 2019
  • Melech ha Melachim [King of Kings] – The Jewish Film Festival is the most exciting festival in which I’ve had the privilege of being involved!! Stellar!! They have great sponsors [Zsofi Pictures], high quality films, they are open to diversity and have an excellent web presence – all so beautiful and inclusive.

    Thank you for appreciating and selecting my screenplay, Desposyni [dedicated to the Mari of Magdala] as 1st Place Gold Winner!

    I loved the popular vote which was presented to the world community – just awesome and unprecedented! I was also able to watch several of the winning films at your website: – Magnificent and amazing work! You people are exquisite, and it is a tremendous honor for me to be part of this community. Jon, I love anything Roman too [I'm Roman]! Much love! Let’s make a movie!

    July 2019
  • Very satisfied of Melech The Jewish Film Festival, in a wonderful place like Tel Aviv, good communication, welcome, a very good standing event, I strongly advise producers and submit their work to Melech The Jewish Film Festival. Thank you to all the team !

    July 2019
  • John Martins III

    I am so honored that "Aktion T-4," "The Apostle," and "Trial by Trial" were three of your top eleven screenplay finalists at your film festival. Due to family health concerns, I was unable to visit your beautiful country and wonderful Film Festival. Perhaps one day. Very best in all things. And continued success.

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    We loved your work John, keep it up!
    All the best and hopefully you will be able to come next year!!