We have OFFICIALLY scheduled Blood Bash 2024 for Saturday, February 10th, 2024!!! Saturday will be the main day of the festival, but we also offer up a BONUS NIGHT of Films on Friday night (the 9th)!!!

Blood Bash 2024 will be the 7th annual Blood Bash International Horror Film Festival and Convention! Once again we will be focusing on short films only this year, and will have three awards up for grabs in 2024:

Best In Show
Favorite Male Performance
Favorite Female Performance

Blood Bash is an annual celebration of all things blood, guts, gore and more! We feature over 40 horror themed vendors, free to play horror themed carnival games, video game challenges, horror themed tabletop games, trivia contests, cosplay contests, and much more!

Of course, the bread and butter of Blood Bash is our Short Film Festival! We average over TWO THOUSAND entrants per year! Every year we narrow it down to the top 40-45 submissions and those films not only are screened publicly at the show, but also vie for the coveted "Best In Show" trophy!

In 2023, our winning film was "Lily" from the USA
In 2022, our winning film was "Lay Them Straight" from Canada
In 2020, our winning film was "Mama's Boy" from the USA
In 2019, our winning film was "Pearlies" from France
2018 and 2017 the show was still finding it's legs and only showed several feature films that were hand picked by the organizers. It wasn't until 2019 that the show officially became a festival!

Our festival features a three year rotation for entries, meaning that whichever year it is (this year it is 2024, obviously) that means that we will ONLY be accepting FINISHED in 2021, 2022, and 2023! If you submit a film that was completed prior to 2021, it will be disqualified instantly.

Blood Bash is a small film festival and convention, but it truly is built from the ground up with absolute love and devotion to the gaming, geek, arts, and horror communities. We take great pride in offering things to do at our show that aren't available anywhere else, helping to ensure Blood Bash is one Bash you'll never forget! Hope to see you there!

Tickets for Blood Bash 2024 go on sale September 1st, and can be purchased at www.meggaxp.com/tickets

Vendor Booths for Blood Bash 2024 will go on sale August 1st, and can be found at:

Blood Bash Best In Show: The best overall short in the competition! Winner will receive a Blood Bash Best In Show set of laurels and a spot on the MeggaXP Wall of Fame!

Blood Bash Favorite Male Performance: Our panel will choose their favorite male performance out of all of the movies and the winner will be immortalized on the MeggaXP Wall of Fame!

Blood Bash Favorite Female Performance: Our panel will choose their favorite female performance out of all of the movies and the winner will be immortalized on the MeggaXP Wall of Fame!

All entries MUST be between 4 minutes and 20 minutes in length. Any movies submitted that are not between these lengths will be cut immediately. Also, all films MUST have a completion or release date between 2021 and 2023. Anything with a completion / release date of 2020 or before will be cut immediately.

All entries must be submitted via Private Link for review purposes and then if accepted, must be able to supply a digital copy of the film for us to download and use at the show.

1. By submitting the film, you confirm that you hold the rights, or permission to use, all aspects of the submitted film.

2. By submitting the film, you confirm that Blood Bash, it's volunteers and employees and those individuals and companies who are associated with us shall not be held liable for any legal issues arising from violating rule #1.

3. By submitting your film, you are giving MeggaXP, a division of Seagraves Entertainment and Blood Bash a license to show the film, if selected, and to use publicity shots, names of cast & crew, scenes from the film and likenesses of those involved in the creation of the film for the use of pre & post publicity and promotional purposes.

4. MeggaXP, Seagraves Entertainment, and Blood Bash reserve the right to use your film's logo, cover art, and any synopsis / information on their website, Facebook page, program and other promotional uses where we deem it neccessary.

Overall Rating
  • Bartosz Inglot

    The amount of effort put into making of this festival is amazing. Happy to be part of it. Will definitely submit again.

    March 2023
  • Sarah Wynne Kordas

    Great festival. Great communication. Great support.
    Thank you for screening our film. We only wish we could have been there to network and see the other shorts

    February 2023
  • MeggaXP is the one of the best Horror Film festivals that I know.
    My film THE DARK MIDNIGHT was released in this festival and Semi Finalist was nominated.
    Thanks to all of you MeggaXP supporters.

    February 2023
  • Thanks for screening my short. :)

    February 2023
  • Great fest and great communication. Honored to have been selected and will submit again. Thank you, Blood Bash and keep up the outstanding work!!

    February 2022