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Progetto Mediterranea: 6 years sailing in search of a new model of life

A boat, a crew, the Mediterranean Sea. The document of a sailing trip that lasted 6 years, from 2013 to 2019. For the Mediterranean, with the Mediterranean.

We set sail to find answers, different economies, common values, to try to live another social life, in an attempt to move opposite to tourist flows and traditionally popular places. We left in search of cultures, to ask questions, to meet people from the Mediterranean. We sailed throughout the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Portuguese Atlantic, firmly convinced that changing life is not enough and that we need to identify a new model of life, a Mediterranean model, which is resilient, listening and relating. The film is not a story, but a document, a testimony, a voice from the Mediterranean, the real, contemporary, today's one.

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    Progetto Mediterranea: 6 anni a vela alla ricerca di un nuovo modello di vita
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    40 minutes 12 seconds
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