*****UPDATE APRIL 1, 2022*****
Hello Filmmakers! We are on for the 12th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival! We have been in talks with all of our participating business and are very happy to announce that we will be back in the Moonlight Theater May 13th & 14th to present the McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival! With the success of 2020's online festival and due to continued health concerns we will also be providing an online experience to accompany our in-person festival!

Call for submissions are open now and film submissions are due no later than April16th, 2022.

The McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival is held during the second largest UFO Festival in the world! Thousands of people flock to McMinnville, OR to celebrate all things out of this world! The Sci-Fi Film Festival is presented by our local house of entertainment The Reel Hollywood Video and is shown in McMinnville's favorite theater the Moonlight Theater/3rd Street Pizza. In the heart of downtown McMinnville the UFO Festival takes over with tons of fun events throughout the weekend dance parties, costume contests, speakers, a parade, live music, and the ever entertaining Sci-Fi Film Festival. Filmmakers from around the world submit their Sci-Fi themed, family friendly, shorts to be shown on the big screen to the thousands who attend the event! Best of all we bring your short film to the masses! The Sci-Fi Film Festival is a completely FREE event, free for filmmakers to submit their short films and free to the thousands of patrons, opening the world of short films and film festivals to a much larger and diverse audience!

First and second place cash prizes and a third place prize pack for both categories 17 & Younger and 18 & Older Filmmakers, as well as a People's Choice Award picked by the attending audiences! Trophies and sponsor gifts vary per place and sponsors each year.

Entries must be UFO, Alien, or Sci-Fi related and must not exceed 15 minutes in length. Applicants must enter the appropriate age category (17 & Under or 18 & Older). Entries will be judged against each other within their age specific category.

NOTE: Profanity, sexual content and derogatory language towards any group or specific individual is prohibited. Family-Friendly films only.

Each applicant may submit no more than two (2) works. There is no restriction on when the video was completed. If an applicant is submitting two entries, two separate entry forms must be submitted.

Only one applicant per film entry will be accepted and the applicant must have prime artistic responsibility for the video submitted. Roles considered to have prime artistic responsibility are director, producer, writer, or editor.

Although any shooting format may have been used to produce the original film, the only acceptable submission format for consideration is an non-copy protected DVD, flash drive or digital download. DO NOT send original prints, stills or other materials related to the entry. The Reel Hollywood Video, 3rd St Pizza Co. & Moonlight Theater will not be responsible for damage to videos resulting from shipping, handling, judging, or screening.

Entries will be judged by a panel selected by The Reel Hollywood Video, 3rd St Pizza Co. & Moonlight Theater. Entries will be judged on Audience Appeal, Characterizations, Cinematography, Story, Directing, Audio, Music, Sound Effects, Editing, and Theme. A sample of the judging form can be requested from The Reel Hollywood Video by email.

Each age category will have a First (1st) Place, Second (2nd) Place, & Third (3rd) Place given. The People's Choice Award will combine all film entries. The decision of the judges is final.

By submitting this entry form, the applicant certifies that the exhibition of the submitted entry accepts all responsibility relating to - and indemnifies and holds harmless The Reel Hollywood Video, 3rd St Pizza Co. & Moonlight Theater, and their representatives from - any and all disputes and liabilities arising from any such claims by a third party.

Royalty free music and music samples for use in films can be found at: www.seabreezecomputers.com/tips/freemusic.htm or stockmusicsite.com

In addition to agreeing that the material is clear of all copyright concerns, you are granting the McMinnvile Sci-Fi Festival Film Festival, The Reel Hollywood Video, 3rd St Pizza Co. & Moonlight Theater limited license to show your film images from your film, in part or in their entirety, in the Moonlight Theater during the McMinnville UFO Festival and to be included in the promotional materials related to the festival in print, electronic, or digital form at any time, before, during and after the contest.

Applicants who do not follow the rules and regulations will have their entry disqualified from the competition.

Overall Rating
  • Scott A. Galeski

    A film festival that does what they say they are going to do. Was unable to attend and received everything via USPS as promised.

    May 2022
  • Tyler Herren

    Absolutely loved the contest! My film was awarded 1st Place for 17 and Younger. It was so awesome seeing people dwell into Sci-Fi genres with smaller budget movies. You can really tell the creativity people have making these films. Communication was great, everything went smoothly and am pleased with how the contest turned out. Very grateful for this opportunity!

    May 2022
  • Although I wasn’t a winner, this Festival was run very professionally. Keeping everyone informed and updated constantly (as opposed to many other festivals I have participated in).
    Hope to take part again another day! Well done!

    May 2022
  • Ramsses Ali Quesada

    It was great. Hope to participate in the next event. Thank you.

    May 2022
  • Great festival!! Will submit again!!

    May 2022