My name is Maya Sorhage, I am a stop motion
animator and fabricator. I have just completed my BFA
in Animation with a minor in Game Design at the
Maryland Institute College of Art!
My practice is very cross disciplinary, and I love
working with many different mediums. I like to create
whimsical narratives that combine comedy and
cuteness for people of all ages. My characters come in
all shapes and sizes but they are usually creatures that
just can’t quite get it right. I was originally inspired by
chickens. They are clumsy, they walk funny, and they
each have a unique personality. I adopt this towards a
lot of my characters and stories to make lighthearted
and fun animation content.
Lately, my work is all about bugs! Insects are the little
guys on our planet that are essential to life, but socially
they are often overlooked or labeled as gross pests.
Through my thesis film and accompanying work I am
exploring the world from a bugs point of view.
  • Director (2 Credits)
    Flying to the Moon2023
    Animation, Short, Student
    Animation, Short, Student
Maryland Institute College of Art
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