MayDay Film Festival originated in May 2009 at the University of Southern Indiana. It was created by a group of student filmmakers, collectively from the USI FIlmmakers Club. Year one was about showing off student films at their event to the student body, hosting an all night event.

MayDay envolved over the years by bringing in non-students films to the university, allowing USI student filmmakers to network with other filmmakers. MayDay turned into the event that joined a lot of actors and filmmakers over the years and brought the community of artist together.

In year 4 was the last year for the MayDay Film Festival at USI. It also brought the new logo a life, the flaming reel that is still today, signifying a new beginning. Year 4 brought in its first guest ever to the event, Victor Miller, the emmy award winning and writer of the original screenplay for Friday the 13th. It was the first year as well that MayDay showed multiple screens as the submissions into the festival greatly increased. Also the first year it added the vendor and booth setups, along with panels.

For year 5, it was the first year going outside the university and held their event at the Evansville Arts Museum. MayDay brought in several films for an all day event that showcased tons of local and U.S. films along with their first international film. MayDay brought in a fun aspect by inviting the Star Wars 501st group. They look over the event with Darth Vader and stormtroopers. The group posed for pictures with all the attendees. It brought a fun element to the event.

MayDay evolved further in year 6 by holding the event at the Showplace Cinemas South, a local theater company. MayDay brought back the multiple screens and hosted panels. MayDay brought in Jake Lloyd, who is known for his work in Star Wars as Anakin Skywalker and Jamie in Jingle All the Way. MayDay played the most films it ever has shown. Running a 2 day event for the first time ever for the festival.

For year 7, MayDay is being held at Showplace Cinemas South. It is the largest amount of films ever to be shown at the event for days. MayDay had a huge turn out of over 500 people over the span of 2 days for the event.

This will be the 9th year for the event that is still being held at Showplace Cinemas South location for its 3rd year in a row.

Best Picture- Feature
Best Picture- Short
Best Actor- Feature
Best Actor- Short
Best Actress- Feature
Best Actress- Short
Best Cinemetography
Best Sound
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Audience Choice

1. During no period of submission dates, films will not be guaranteed selection.

2. Payments to the MayDay Film Festival are non-refundable.

3. What do we will accept? Short film, feature films, web series episodes, & music videos. Fan Films are acceptable.

4. Early submission period is starting January 1st to February 31st.

The short film submission cost is $10.00.
The feature length film submission cost is $15.00.

5. Regular submission period is February 1st to April 1st .

The short film submission cost is $10.00.
The feature length film submission cost is $15.00.

All submission fees will be going towards the cost of the event. Payments must be made through PayPal under the account email. Payments must be received with submissions.

6. Late submission will be April 2nd through April 8th with a $25 dollars fee for short films and $40 fee for feature length. Payments must be made through PayPal under the account email. Payments must be received with submissions. Only student films are excluded from the late fee, must provide proof of eligibility. No late submissions will be up for awards.

7. We don’t own your film, we only gain rights to show the film during the festival and to judges only. By submitting you grant us permission to use this. Once a film is accepted and placed into programming, we cannot pull the film.

8. We recommend but not require at least 1 screen cap or graphic file of your film for promotional purposes. Also no materials will be returned.

Rules of Films

1. Films of any length may be submitted.

Web-series episodes maybe submitted with the understanding that episodes may be edited together by MayDay Film Festival to form one entry.

A submission application must be filled out completely and signed by a legal representative of the film’s ownership.

We are no liable for any copyright infringement shown in the films.

By submitting a film for selection, you here by release the entire MayDay Film Festival from any liability that may result from screening your film.

Nothing of pornographic nature will be selected for screening; you can still send them in. Nudity is fine.

The film must have a full and complete credits either at the beginning
or end of your film. Anyone whose name is not in the film’s credit will not be considered for awards.

DVD and forms will not be returned. If there are technical issues with your file or disc, we will alert you of the issue and you have until the end of the submission date to send a new version or copy. We recommend that you test all films and/or DVDs to make sure that it is properly working.

Overall Rating
  • A great film festival in Indiana, now going in its 11th year. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    November 2018
  • Great indie film festival. Really enjoyed meeting the people and being a part of such a celebration of local independent film.

    August 2018
  • Max Groah

    Our writer and producer were able to attend the screening. The fest was communicative, and the whole process was a breeze. Thank you for having Bong of the Living Dead at the fest!

    July 2018
  • Chris Weatherly

    Great venue and festival. The organizers are super friendly and very helpful. I've been three times and really enjoy meeting new people each time.

    For the money it's a wonderful experience and I highly recommend entering the MayDay Fest each year.

    May 2018
  • michael ricci

    Great Fest! Venue, materials, friendliness...all first rate. We will submit next year for sure!

    May 2018