I share stories from around the world specialising in short documentaries and travel films.
Hi I'm Maxim Zhuiykov. Being born in the Ukraine and moving to Australia as a child, I was very fortunate traveling a lot from a young age where I developed a love of learning about the world and discussing different viewpoints with others.
Growing up I found myself telling stories to friends about what I saw and experienced while travelling which led me to pursue my passion in film as I believed it to be a beautiful and powerful way to communicate perspectives and stories.
From first using my mums home video camera making skateboarding and zombie films, I began filming my personal adventures to now making short documentaries.
In 2016 I formed a production company Northe where the focus was on showcasing my storytelling ability.
In that year I created a short doco "Every Excuse" diving into the journey of Australian Motocross and Supercross champion Jay Wilson in his winning year. Following its release I was commissioned by the Western Bulldogs to cover the story of 5 men in the 'Sons of the West' foundation in the short doco "Man to Man."
After spanning into a wide range of video creation from coving major events such as the Arnold Classic to branded content and more short stories, I then set my sights on my passion for sharing my impressions of different cultures.
My first short film I released from this venture was "Reaching In" combining footage from my first time travelling to Muslim-majority countries being Morocco and Turkey.
My short film Santra I have created is on my time in India presenting my impressions on how I felt while traveling through the country featuring footage from the chaotic cities to natural spectacles showing how people are ultimately interconnected within India's diverse surroundings.
I now continue to want to inspiring people to learn a new perspective or travel themselves by focusing on how the stories of people, cultures and landscapes from around the world interact together.
I hope my films make you feel something.
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    Santra │ A Tale of India2021
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I share stories from around the world specialising in short documentaries and travel films.