My works convey emotions and sensations, what is hidden between the lines.
Was born in the USSR in 1988, half Russian, and half Ukrainian blood coursing through my veins. My childhood was spent in Ukraine, my education pursued in Russia, and now I am resident of the UAE. Now I live in New York. I graduated from art school but distanced myself from creativity for many years. When doctors presented me with an irreversible diagnosis, I reassessed my life. While traveling in India, I reconnected with art and
discovered the genre of street photography, which embodied my newfound perspective of a world where something is always happening. This experience led to my return to art and became a natural outcome of my transformations. I identify as “they.”
My work is characterized by an abundance of layers, hidden messages, and surreal scenes, reflecting not only my inner world but also that which is channeled through me from higher realms. By shifting the focus of attention, my creations provoke a shift in a person’s assemblage point, transcending binary systems,
much like what once happened to me.
A new perspective on the internal transforms the manifestations of the external, finding forgotten doors to one’s true self and leading to the question: who am I?
  • Director (2 Credits)
    Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
    YOUR DREAMS (?) 2022
    Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
Birth Date
December 5, 1998
Current City
New York
My works convey emotions and sensations, what is hidden between the lines.
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