I'm an experienced, non-union screenwriter. I'm also a commercial writer, treatment writer, and pitch deck designer.
My IMDb page is https://m.imdb.com/name/nm3288923.
I mainly write micro-budget scripts and low-budget scripts.
I love to create and write strong, flawed characters and unique stories.
I strive to write scenes that haven't been written before.
I write quickly and professionally. I work well on a team.
I've written many scripts over twelve years (short, feature, book to script adaptation, T.V., web-series, Public Service Announcement, radio, commercial, and anthology).
I've written scripts based on the ideas of various directors and producers, and I've rewritten their scripts too.
I've written coverage for scripts (for writers, directors, and producers).
I co-wrote “Jackpot" (produced feature script) with director/producer Justin Smith of Jaylin Films.
I wrote a short anthology story titled "Candy Ban" for the Horror book, "31 Nights of Halloween." This book was published by Rainstorm Press (www.rainstormpress.com).
I received three screenwriting jobs in 2020. The first job involved me rewriting and proofreading a Horror feature script (this job came through Stage 32). The second job involved me rewriting and proofreading a Romance/Drama feature script. The third job involved me writing a Psychological Horror/Thriller/Contained Thriller short script (this job came through Stage 32).
I sold four short scripts to a producer in May 2020. I met the producer on Stage 32.
In May 2021, I was hired to rewrite a short teleplay for a producer.
Anthony D. Thomas was my manager.
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