Mats Landström is a filmmaker, artist and sound designer whose work crosses medium. He creates soundscapes that together with film work together to accomplish a much larger whole. The aim of his work is to create audiovisual storytelling. Often the immediate surroundings can play the main role. Everyday places or situations can be given a completely different meaning. Mats has also worked with photographic series that reflects social and political reality.
2023 Altered Images Film and Music Fest, London, UK
2023 Experimental Film Fest, New Bern, USA
2023 The Antropocene Laboratory, Exhibition, Stockholm
2023 Little Islands Festival, Sikinos, Greece
2023 Festival ECRÃ, Rio de Jainero, Brazil
2023 New York Tri-State International Film Festival, USA
2023 Videoaktion#4, Berlin, Germany
2023 Roma Short Film Festival, Italy
2023 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA
2023 Studio 44, Film som konst, Exhibition, Stockholm
2022 Shortfilmfestival MIN STAD, Stockholm
2022 Slipvillan, De Aningslösa, Exhibition, Stockholm
2022 An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm
2021 Juxtapose Art Fair, Aarhus, Denmark
2021 Studio 44, , Fever, Exhibition, Stockholm
2021 An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm
2020 Studio 44, Four Rooms, Exhibition, Stockholm
2020 Slipvillan, Uncanny, Exhibition, Stockholm
2020 Studio 44, Missing Parts, Exhibition, Stockholm
2019 An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm
2019 Centrala, Borders, Exhibition, Birmingham, UK
2019 Studio 44, Borders Prelude, Exhibition, Stockholm
2019 Studio 44, Nature, Exhibition, Stockholm
2018 An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm
2018 Twochange, Artvideoshow, Elderly Ladies, Stockholm
2017 Studio 44 Film Festival Short and Animation, Stockholm
Current City
Eye Color
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