''Che piccola cosa, una vita!
La mia, come tutte, è una goccia.
Voglio si perda in un mare d'amore,
perché è l'unica via,
è una goccia sprecata:
Troppo piccola
per essere felice da sola, e troppo grande
per accontentarsi del nulla.''
( "La goccia" , Anonymous )


There is a red thread that links Ulysses and his Odyssey to the exploration of space and Mars seen through a drop of water!
The adventurous story of a mankind. An infinite poem of courage, ingenuity, curiosity, nostalgia, imagination and the environment, a desire to challenge one's limits and the limits of the universe.
This urge towards an adventure and challenge, not surprisingly, often comes as a reaction to a historical moment of great social and economic depression.

After years of living in the "gray dust", humankind is ought to go back on doing good by seeking if not the virtue itself then at least the knowledge.
Therefore, a desire to go towards the unknown by exorcising a fear, just as Dante's Ulysses pushes beyond the familiar limits by overcoming the COLUMNS OF HERCULES.

And thats the way that Cinema becomes a proven experience of a spaceship for a travel in order to discover unexplored territories. Whether it is the most distant and inviolate border of the cosmos or the deepest and most hidden place of the soul, it does not matter: there is no difference between looking at the stars or looking inside oneself .
What is so different between crossing the asteroid belt and facing a love that sprouts or fades?

MATIFF - Matera Art International Film Festival, intends to incorporate stories that speak about the originality of human kind in facing challenges and adversities of all kinds.
To overcome them and affirm that the existence is the most extraordinary of all adventures.
In all times and all places.
From Ithaca to the immense Universe, from Matera to Mars.

Award for the best feature film – 7000 dogecoin*
Award for the best short film – 2000 dogecoin
Award for the best documentary – 3500 dogecoin
Best long /short animation film - 2500 dogecoin
Best spot advertisement / trailer - ( 3000dogecoin spot / 1500 dogecoin trailer )
Best video clip- trophy
Best Feature Film Actress Award - trophy

* The awards conversion ( if requested by the winners ) from cryptocurrency to euros will be directly converted within the Festival Organization according to a day - ahead market price.


MATIFF 01 - Matera Art International Film Festival will be held in MATERA, Italy from September 11-19 , 2021. It's devoted to supporting the art and elevating the innovation of cinema. This year, 2021, MATIFF shows up with different competitive sections that will allow participants to express their unique talents and ideas.

Festival has various competitive sections stated bellow:

1) Feature films
1.1. Video clips
2) Short films (max duration 15 min.)
3) Documentaries (max duration 54 min.)
4) Art animation
4.1. Long
4.2. Short
5) Spot advertising or trailer

The competitive sections include feature films, short films and documentaries of Italian and foreign nationality made in 2019,2020 and 2021.
Exclusivity is not required.


3.1 Submission platform

Films will be accepted exclusively through the International FilmFreeway platform https://filmfreeway.com/MateraArtInternationalFilmFestival by 29 July, 2021.
The selection of the works will be made by and within the discretion of the Festival Jury. Festival Direction will appoint a Jury composed of qualified individuals, chosen from professionals from the world of Cinema - directors, actors, journalists, film critics, producers, distributors - for the awarding of the prizes.

3.2 Enrollement fee

The obligatory registration of the competitive films within the festival- MATIFF made by 19th of July involves the payment of a registration fee of €25 for feature films €20 for video clips; €15 for short films, € 25 for long art animation and 15€ for short animation films, €15 for documentaries and €20 for spot advertisement or trailer.
From 19th of July to 8th of August the registration fee will be increased to € 30for feature films €25 for video clips; € 20 for short films and € 30 for long art animation and €20 for short animation films, €20 for documentaries and €25 for spot advertisement or trailer.

Only films in good standing with the payment of the registration fee will be considered for the selection.

3.3 Payment details

With the payment is possible to proceed with the payment information :
IBAN : IT31 S053 8516 1000 0000 2204 078, BIC : BPDMIT3BXXX
and filled out with the following information: MATIFF MATERA ART INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, VIA VINCENZO CAROPRESO 10/A , 75100 MATERA MT.

For the works that are not selected the registration fee will not be refunded.
All the works selected at the festival must be accompanied by the following material:
- duly completed registration form (under penalty of exclusion from the selections).


The directors and producers of the selected works will be contacted by the Festival Management to send materials relating to the film (DCP or HD files (DV master, Blu-Ray + still photos (300dpi)
The selected feature films will be screened during the days of MATIFF - Matera Art International Film Festival at the Cinema Teatro Guerrieri in Matera and at the various festival venues locations in the city of Sassi.
For the short films and documentaries section, only the winning works of the respective categories will be screened during the stated days of the festival.

The calendar and timetables of the screenings are edited by the Management of the Festival that will publish the list of selected works on the official website of the festival.
The selected works will be screened in a compatible format as per regulation.


The winners of the prizes undertake to mention the attribution of the MATIFF prize in every occasion and in all forms of advertising. In the case of any eventual questions, all of the potential candidates can write to the following email adress concorsocinema@matiff.it.

Matiff is an open public Festival , it means that each participant acknowledges that there will be accredited televisions and other media partners that will carry out television and radio recordings, therefore for the participants of Matiff would be provided for free the opportunity to broadcast any filming and interviews, allowing the media partner who agreed to use them according to their needs.

Direction of the Festival keeps the right to take any necessary decision that has not been already stated by the Regulation as well as to derogate from the Regulation itself in particular and well-motivated cases. For any eventual dispute, the competent Institutiion is the Court of Matera- Tribunale di Matera.

Overall Rating
  • Pacha Movie

    Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team. Even though Covid kept us from attending in person, never-the-less, Festival MATIFF 01- MATERA ART INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was an awesome festival and highly recommend it. Thanks to the whole team for putting on a wonderful festival during a global pandemic.

    November 2021
  • Thank you so much for the selection of American Thief. Unfortunately we couldn't attend in person, but even from a distance the festival was very professional and attentive with our film. Would love to hear more about how the screening went, please let me know! :) Thank you again and hope to see you next year with my new film "The Last Election and Other Love Stories.' Congrats to everyone involved!

    November 2021
  • Muchas gracias por la atención y el cariño para con nuestra película.
    Un festival hermoso!

    November 2021