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Wanting to complete a mashup of his warring parents' arguing before they split, a troubled teen needs to cope with unexpected consequences. (drama/10pp/3 characters, contained - in a house)

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    Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography

In parallel with an oddball 'career' in McJobs (roof-rack assembler, computer helpdesk, beer bottler, reject furniture salesman, draughtsman, goods-inward operative, a bouncer - briefly. . .), Barry has written a portfolio of feature screenplays, associated shorts and spinoffs. With multiple laurels for the screenplays and four of the shorts filmed, he's, SO FAR, been shortlisted by C4, had a purchase offer on one feature script, an option on another and a shopping agreement on a third.

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Writer Statement

Mid-teens JASON records his MOTHER’s and FATHER’s protracted quarrelling, via a mic hanging from the hatch to his attic ‘lair’-cum-bedroom - the root of their schism deemed his persistent troublesomeness. He edits and augments the recordings into a musical mashup. His father proud of his business career, Jason shows no interest in job applications. Development of the music is paramount – especially as an anon someone issues a deadline for its dispatch. Empty suitcases in the boxroom where his father sleeps now make finishing the composition pressing. He uses cabling in a mock hanging of himself.

Like a vampiric figure, he savours the night’s ambient sounds at his window as he researches lavaliere mics. He texts friends for suchlike and eyes his father’s bulging wallet. By whatever means a top-of-the-range lavaliere kit is brought home. Police’s hi-vis yellow is seen on the front-door’s obscure glass.

Mic secreted, Jason coaxes intimate confessions from each parent. Selected soundbites are added to his opus. To stay awake, he stabs compasses into his palm. The completed harmonious masterpiece flooding the house, the father drops laden suitcases, the mother stops ironing. The parents congregate in the hall, a reconciliation palpably evident. Jason looks astounded.