I wanted to write u back a rhyme But I felt so empty inside So I decided not to write I hope u are alright -
The Visionary Filmmaker
Masha Kirillova, a name synonymous with stunning and surreal cinema, was born in Moscow but found her artistic home in Germany. Her journey into the world of filmmaking is as dreamy and magical as the films she creates.
From a young age, Masha was captivated by the world of moving images. Growing up in a family that cherished classic literature and painting, she was nurtured in an environment that fostered creativity and imagination. Her family's move to Germany when she was just seven years old only broadened her horizons.
Masha's academic pursuits led her to study Film Studies and Art History in Mainz, setting the foundation for her cinematic exploration. Her thirst for knowledge took her to the heart of Berlin, where she continued her studies in Media at the prestigious TU Berlin.
It was during her university years that Masha unveiled her directorial talent. At the tender age of 22, she helmed her first short film, and there was no turning back. Over the years, she has crafted a total of 11 short films, each an artistic journey into the realms of the dreamy, trippy, psychedelic, and surreal.
Masha's films are a testament to her passion for pushing the boundaries of narration and visual storytelling. Often hailed as "crazy" for her daring approach, she weaves non-linear tales that take her audience on magical journeys, much like the works of Gary tales or "Alice in Wonderland."
Her cinematic influences are as eclectic as her own creations. Directors like Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Wong Kar-wai have left their mark on her artistry. Masha is always in pursuit of visual poetry, seeking to create a sensory experience that transcends traditional storytelling.
What sets Masha apart is her willingness to immerse herself fully in her creations. She often appears as a driving force within her movies, performing under the enigmatic alias of "Masha M. Cat." Her uncanny and atypical stories, characterized by wonder and laughter, captivate audiences worldwide.
Masha's films have graced the screens of local cinemas in Berlin, Moscow, Helsinki, Basel, Lublin, and Dublin, leaving an indelible mark on the underground filmmaking scene. She's a pioneer of guerrilla-style filmmaking, unafraid to experiment and improvise, creating cinematic magic that defies convention.
In a world hungry for the extraordinary, Masha Kirillova stands as a beacon of creativity, a filmmaker who dares to explore the surreal, the psychedelic, and the magical. Her cinematic journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of the medium, and her future promises even more enchanting and mind-bending creations.
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March 5, 1992
Mashka / Kiddo / Marshmallow / Mashita / Marshell /Mister Cat /
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"On this bridge," Lorca warns, "life is not a dream. Beware. And beware. And beware." And so many think because Then happened, Now isn't. But didn't I mention the ongoing "wow" is happening right now?
I wanted to write u back a rhyme But I felt so empty inside So I decided not to write I hope u are alright -
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