This festival is to be a celebration for our friend, Mary Jane! Now that cannabis has been integrated into so many lives, world wide, it's time we show Mary Jane our thanks, for saving our lives, daily and for helping to keep this world a saner and safer place!

Filmmakers from beginners to the advanced, are encouraged to submit their short and/or feature films, that is in relation to cannabis.

Because people believe that when you smoke weed, you are a pot head, there is the ultimate challenge, to prove people wrong.

Film a feature film during the dates, to be specified, submit on time and if your film fits within the guidelines, your film will earn extra points!

At the festival, there will be vendor booths, a special VIP lounge, food, drinks, raffles and the best part is the films will be screened on a 9 ft X 16 ft screen! The screen will be right next to a beautiful lake and we will be enclosed in a beautiful garden.

The venue is 420 friendly and yes we will be checking everyone's cannabis cards that choose to partake in the foods and prizes that are cannabis related. No one without a recommendation will be allowed to consume on premises and yes there will be security on staff, to help monitor. The managers of the venue were divided on letting this event take place in their venue and it came down to, they just want us to show that we can be responsible adults when cannabis is involved. If we all handle ourselves with respect and are responsible, there is a great chance we will be invited back, next year.

All films that are selected, will have time saved for each film to have a brief Q&A after their film screens.

All short films are to not be longer than 10 minutes in length and feature films are to be no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes. That time does include credits! Use your time wisely!

Dress to impress and have fun!!!

From the submissions received, the intent is to award for the following, in a private ceremony, to be held Sunday, August 30th.

1- Feature Film- Domestic- $500
1- Feature Film- Local- $500
1- Short Film- Domestic- $250
1- Short Film- Local- $250

We will be collecting donations and purchasing awards, to be distributed out to the following;
1- Feature Film- Local
2- Short Film- Domestic
2- Short Film- Local
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Use of Camera
Best of Direction
Best Screenplay
Best use of Cannabis in a Feature Film
Best use of Cannabis in a Short Film
Best Sound
Best Editing

All films submitted, must demonstrate the storytellers ability to share a story that is; thought provoking, creativity of resources used in the moving images were used to enhance the story and vision.

No matter the genre of film the storyteller decides to share, the idea is to show the many perspectives of what cannabis is and how we as individuals, incorporate it into our lives.

Maybe you have comedy about you and your buddies, a documentary on how cannabis has saved your life, a drama about ptsd and it showcases the character(s) actively consuming cannabis to relieve stress and anxiety? These are just some suggestions.

A statement from the screenwriter and director need to be submitted.
The statements combined, should not be longer than a half page of standard piece of paper. Their statements need to vocalize their intent for the script or message and what they hope the public walks away with.

All films must show and/or discuss cannabis, artistically and thoughtfully.

If choosing to submit a film that may shine a negative light on cannabis, such as controversy of cannabis being addictive or not, we ask that you provide solutions to overcoming addiction, for example.

Depending on the response or volume of films submitted, it is not guaranteed that all films will be able to viewed, due to the short amount of time. However, films that are not screened, will be able to be put into a special category for next years film festival.
For the next year, the films that were not viewed for this year, will be viewed and depending on venue and time, we will try to get as many films, that qualify, into that special screening. Though, please do not wait to the last minute to submit!

For this years festival, it is extremely competitive!
We are looking to fill the slots of the following:
-8 Short Films (Local- California Only)
-8 Short Films (Domestic- Outside of California Only)
-1 Short Film (Wild Card- Domestic or Local)
-2 Feature Films (Local- California Only)
-1 Feature Film (Domestic- Outside of California Only)

If your film is accepted into the festival, we will be asking you to e-mail us the following;
-Director Headshot
-Screenwriters Headshot
-Production Staff Group Photo
-Actors Group Photo

During the week of August 9th - 15th, that is going to a challenge to all those filmmakers who claim to be filmmakers. Your challenge is to make a feature film and submit by the deadline, the 15th. Those that submit and can prove that they filmed during this time, will earn extra credits towards the total points, getting you closer to one of the three spots.

For the fun of it, the first ten films to submit their films and they meet the requirements, we will ask that you submit a thirty second preview, that will stay on the webpage, for you, until we announce the winners on August 17th. So again, don't wait to the last minute!