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Mary, J. & the Demons

The Virgin Mary rescues two Afghan boys orphaned after an air raid on their village. She takes them to Manhattan Beach, California where she adopts them and enrolls them in a Muslim School. When Satan finds out, he sets out to kidnap the children.

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Glenn Millican is an Emmy-winning TV news writer in Los Angeles. He was raised in Atlanta but spent most of his pre-California life in various cities in Louisiana. New Orleans is his favorite city in the world, and it's where many of his screenplays are set. When Glenn came home from college for Thanksgiving one year, his family watched Meryl Streep in 'Sophie's Choice.' One by one, the rest of the family got up and left the room, but Glenn and his Mom toughed it out. The film and especially Streep's performance planted the seed for Glenn to become a writer. He went back to school and changed his major from pre-Med to Drama.

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Writer Statement

This is an hour-long TV spec script. I realize the likelihood of anyone in today's Hollywood wanting to produce it are very unlikely. But I have always loved this story and refuse to give up hope.