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Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

This screenplay depicts the dynamics, influence and consequences of social, racial and economic oppression in America. After two Black men are unjustly killed by White police officers, in Memphis, Tennessee, just a week a part, racial tensions across the country erupts. Citizens of different races and ethnicities join together in hundreds of cities and commence to protest and riot while calling for the arrest of the White officers in the name of justice and equality. As Memphis becomes the epicenter of a nationwide revolutionary uprising, the city is also dealing with a secondary crisis. In one of the city's urban communities, African-American gang members are locked in a war to seize control of the community's drug market. Deshawn Ross, an ex-leader of one of the rival gangs, is the pastor of a church that sits on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the only thing separating the gangs, also known as the neutral zone. Exercising his influence, but staying as far away as he can from the gang war, Pastor Ross has been doing everything he can to restore peace between the people of his community, the site of one of the killings, and its civil service personnel. But, when his son is killed by crossfire from a shootout between the warring gangs, Pastor Ross now puts himself in the middle of the gang war to stop the Black-on-Black violence, an internal problem that seems to be perpetual and prevalent in African-American communities. However, his objective won't come easy as it doesn't take long for him to see that not everyone cares to support his vision.

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Residing in Orlando, Florida Jerell Jacquez Williams is 29 years old. He began his screenwriting career after publishing two novels. Guilty By Color and Love,Lust and Betrayal. Besides Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard he has written two other screenplays that have yet to be produced.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is very relevant to the times in which we are all living in. There is not a more emotionally gripping unproduced screenplay in the world right now. This movie will be such an influence to anyone who reads the script and definitely anyone who watches it after it is produced.