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Martin, a middle-aged man with the intent to find out the truth about his wife (Marta) and the adultery he suspects she has committed, constructs a fake business trip and begins to follow Marta with the desire to find out who is the man with whom she has an affair. Confirming suspicions in adultery and when he finds out who is her lover (Jovan), Martin, intrigued by their relationship, he decides to meet with Jovan and make a decision that will essentially change their lives

  • Bojan Stijovic
    Dealer- short film (2014), Pathos- short film (2015), Peloid - short film (2018), Vice Versa - documentary(2015)
  • Bojan Stijovic
    Dealer- short film (2014), Pathos- short film (2015), Peloid - short film (2018), Vice Versa - documentary(2015)
  • Stefan Boskovic
    Umir krvi (2015), Ispod mosta medju stijenama (2016), Peloid(2018)
  • Ivan Djurovic
    The Ascent (2011), Hourglass (2007), Neverending past (2018)
  • Janko Popovic Volaric
    Key Cast
    Mother of Asphalt(2010), Vis-à-vis (2013), Goran (2016)
  • Milivoje Obradovic
    Key Cast
    Black Sun (2019), Christmas uprising (2017), Lokalni vampir(2011), Dojc Caffe (2015), Iskra(2017), Dug moru(2019)
  • Branka Stanic
    Key Cast
    Iskra (2017), As pik (2012) , Christmas uprising (2017)
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  • Runtime:
    21 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 16, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    25,000 EUR
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  • Artikulacija Film
    Country: Montenegro
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Bojan Stijovic

Short biography of the director: BojanStijovic, born on 11 April 1983 in Berane, Montenegro. He started the studies of film and television directing in 2013- University of Montenegro, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Cetinje. Short films: Dealer, in 2014, Pathos, in 2015, The Three Little Pigs, in 2017, (in post-production), Peloid, in 2018, Martin, in 2019. Documentary: Vice Versa, in 2015, Artist Talk – Jakša Ćalasan, in 2017. He is currently preparing his first feature film ‘’ The Day When I Stopped Playing’’.

Short movies:

"Dealer" - 10min, 2014.
Festivals: (Montenegro Film Festival).

"Pathos" - 16min, 2015.
Festivals: Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers Film Festival (Macedonia), Montenegro Film Festival (Montenegro), Московскаяшколановогокино (Russia) ,Filmski Front Festival (Serbia), Indiearth Xchange 2015 (India), New Wave International Student Film Festival (Bulgaria), Izmir Kisa Film Festivali (Turkey), MOFF Mostar Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Feelmotion Film Festival Ohrid (Macedonia),Seanema Film Festival Ulcinj (Montenegro)

‘’Peloid’’ - 19min, 2018
Festivals: Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zagreb Film Festival (Croatia), Seanema Film Festival Ulcinj (Montenegro) ,Filmski Front Festival (Serbia), Podgorica Film Festival (Montenegro), CinEast Film Festival (Luxembourg), Trieste Film Festival (Italy).

Dokumentary film:
''Vice Versa" - 25min, 2015.
Festivals: Underhill Fest (Montenegro).


1. Main award for Best Movie ‘’Peloid’’ - Filmski Front Festival (Serbia)
2. Main award for Best Movie ’’ Pathos’’- Feelmotion Film Festival Ohrid (Macedonia)
3. Best screenplay for short movie '' The Three Little Pigs'' - Montenegro Film Forum (Montenegro)

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Director Statement

Bojan Stijović

Obsessive love for a woman.

Violence as a semblance of a solution.

Life is like a card game, where everyone cheats. Men to win and women not to lose.

Martin, a middle-aged man, with the intention of finding out the truth about his wife (Marta) and the adultery she is suspected of committing, constructs a false business trip and begins to follow Martha with a desire to find out who is the man she is having an affair with. Confirming doubts about adultery with the knowledge that there is another man (Jovan), Martin, intrigued by their relationship, decides to meet John and makes a decision that will fundamentally change their lives.

It is difficult to single out one theme in the script of the project "MARTIN", although pathological jealousy and obsession with one person could be singled out as dominant. The very structure that sets this story and the other elements of the main theme into subtext, to the finale itself, which sheds light on the causes of a man’s illness. In the obsessive love relationship of two people - which in itself is a negation of love in its general definition, violence is the dominant expression in which a woman is a tacit victim, oppressed by the relationship. Thus, violence is not aggression, but a way of expressing love, which, in itself, evokes a social phenomenon: the pathology of domestic violence in marriage.

The specifics of the other side of this story, or of the parallel theme, is the violence that is perpetrated against women, and in this case, specifically, of one woman who is the only female character in this scenario. What is specific about the setting and treatment of the theme of violence is the image of the female character in the film, who emerged from a series of stereotypes that present this problem, that is, its treatment in art. The stubborn, seemingly suppressed female character has a greater dramaturgical function in developing the other characters, and has solved her problem of violence as a character "without voice" with no spoken replica in the whole film, thus altering the verbal rebellion by another rebellion we have shown a concrete way out of the torture she experienced for years by her husband. The script "MARTIN" is not a dedicated text that deals with this topic, which is why it is partly set up and treated in the background, which in the end emerges as a great cause of everything that happens in the relationships of these characters. This script is written as a potent template for a broader and deeper directorial maneuver that has several clear sections and can be set up in a completely different style and told in a different cinematic language, even though it is a short form.


Tall, sleek, charming man. Friendly and communicative. He disguises his psychopathic nature and destructive intentions by his friendly behavior and attitude towards people.

Victim of violence. Unobtrusive and humble woman. Lonely and withdrawn.

Successful and famous artist. He leads a controversial life filled with affairs.


I deal authentically with the problem of obsessive love and the pathology of domestic violence from the perspective of the abuser. The way this theme is treated through a single form of art within the film itself is authentic by itself.

Treating violence against a woman from the perspective of the perpetrator, not the victim.

Seaside ambience, the locations, the studio, which is filled with works and installations and which is in the boat, the evening dedicated to karaoke.

It is a lasting idea of a film that sends a strong message to people that violence in marriage exists precisely because it has been a secret because of deep psychological, sociological, religious constraints.

Drama / Mystery