Mark went straight from college into the video industry by working at a dub house for (gasp!) VHS. Did a bit of editing there too. His skills earned him editor, technical director and video engineer spots on a variety of rock and roll tours.
While working in the video field, Mark wrote several feature-length scripts and the first two novels of his “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga. One short story, “Fall to Grace,” earned quarterfinalist status in the 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest.
Mark also writes "Star Wars" and comic book-based fanfiction. His work earned the attention of SYFY Wire’s Fan Creator series, who published a profile of him in October of 2018.
Mark recently completed a short horror film, "Where the Heart Bleeds.".
University of Tampa
Birth Date
April 22, 1974
Current City
Orlando, FL
Featured on SYFY Wire for his fanfiction.
Worked as technical director on the HealthSouth The “Go For It!” show, an educational field trip for high schools featuring a variety of athletes like Troy Aiken, Bo Jackson, and Herschel Walker.
Engineered for a summer on the Jimmy Buffett "Welcome to the Carnival" tour.