A story unlike you have never read, includes time travelling in a mysterious way which leads the people of the future to live like ancients in a modern era. Fourteen days is all he has to save the world while being a prisoner. He is a boy who's here for something in what he believes in and is strange to all. The universe is after him to take him back to his dimension but he fights for a place he fell in love with. He fights against the odds, he fights science he fights for a land he isn't even from, he fights for what his father believed in and leaves her his partner through this journey with a peice of his heart, with the only memory he has from his beloved father.

  • Samman
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    Student, Screenplay
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    Sci-fi, adventure, time travelling, romance, action
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Writer Biography - Samman

Just a dreamer girl lost in her own little world. I am from a place dreams get buried alive in front of me but still we dare to dream. These dreams are the reason I still have hope that maybe someday, somehow it will eventually happen, denying the Impossibilities . I don't have any fancy words to say about myself or the things I've done and I'm sorry about that but I haven't got the chance yet, all I can say is I write with a crazy imagination of mine without any fear. Hollywood to me is a land in which we dwell in to be free of the rules and restrictions of our lives to an endless world of possibilities that's why I write with an open heart. I have something written like a thousand other soul's and I'm passionate to share it with you

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