We make moving pictures because that's what moves us
Manmeet Singh Chaddha is a Writer-Director from Bhopal. He has written, directed, acted in, and produced over 200 audio-visual projects over a span of 5 years with various brands and productions. He is writing this description in the third-person perspective because this gimmick seems to attract quite a bunch of people (and is a pretentious yet efficient way to suggest that the person praising you is not you yourself), he has to look legit here.
He created, wrote, and directed a slasher meta-comedy, wrote, directed, and edited multiple feature and short Documentaries, worked with Speed Records on various music and talk show projects, and worked with Dharma Cornerstone, Krafton, Red Bull, Fanclash, Big Bang Music, and more leading companies in different industries. His film World Zombied received an honourable Jury award at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. He has also made sketch comedy, short films, and much more. He has also made a name for himself in Poetry circles and satire-loving crowds.
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September 20, 1998
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We make moving pictures because that's what moves us
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