We truly are a destination festival. This will be the second year for a pre festival canal cruise for attending filmmakers, So RSVP ASAP..space is limited! Opening night reception at the Rialto with Kurdish film Girls of the Sun as well as more featured Kurdish cinema. The annual Saturday Night Special Event at the famous EYE Film Museum and Closing Night Rooftop Party at Floor 17 with Stephen Trask attending our finale..Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

We will have two amazing panels. The first is centered around our special theme of this year: "Constructed Identities"...this can be gender/online identities/cyborg/ and more! Be sure to submit your film if it addresses this topic!

Last year, The Disunited States of America was a huge success with 9 venues and over 200 films in the "Venice of the North"! 2019's Country of focus will be Kurdistan...a territory that is not official recognized as its own sovereign nation, however, should be....with special guests to help contextualize Kurdish filmic culture.

Again, films all over the globe including all genres are welcome here. we love great stories, powerful character development and innovative filming. We love filmmakers to participate and be in the mix as we are truly the filmmakers' festival! wonderful social networking events, parties and trailblazing cinema as well as retrospectives and historical contextualization!

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature-Length Documentary

Please read the description of our festival before submitting.

By submitting your film you understand and agree that the festival may use any portions of your of film, to be determined at the festival's discretion, not to exceed 5 minutes in length, for any marketing activities to promote the festival and your screening. Use of film content may include, but is not limited to, playback over Access non-profit community TV channels, printed marketing pieces, commercial advertisements and Internet distribution.

We also require all non- English speaking films to have subtitles please.

We do not pay screening fees for submitted films.

You understand that should your film be accepted, you will be notified and asked to provide the final screening copy. You understand that unless otherwise arranged, final screening copies on acceptable formats will be due no later than August 1 2019. If we have not received your digital file by then, you WILL be dropped from the festival line-up.

Overall Rating
  • Matthieu Moerlen

    I didn't have the chance to go to the festival for the 2018 edition ! But the communication with the team was GREAT ! Very happy to be selected here ... See you sooon : )

    June 2018
  • Nicole Chen

    There is no other word to describe how I feel about attending this festival than “satisfying”. The bond built through each one of us... the energy we’ve shared together, the joy we have had and so much motivation to take home! What else can I ask but a big THANK YOU to Alexandra and Jack again, for bringing us together! I'm so bad at expressing my feelings through words, and not to mention “English words”, but I’m so happy that my feelings are well accepted by you through my film. You guys are the reasons for me to be in love with this city and more importantly, Myself!

    June 2018
  • I really enjoyed this festival. Great setting. Great people and an overall wonderful weekend. Thanks for including my film. Such an honor!

    June 2018
  • Henk Conn

    Very honored to be a part of a great festival.

    June 2018
  • Gopal Shivakoti

    I love Manifesto Film Festival. So wonderful, it really gave me a lot of courage to keep hardworking for the future film! The staff were great. Highly recommend applying to this festival, it's the embodiment of what a film festival should be.

    June 2018