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Mall Child

A biracial newborn is abandoned in a mall bathroom on Christmas Eve. Fortunately he is discovered and adopted by mall cops but not after they wrestle with the long term decision to adopt him and the short term question of what to name him. This eclectic group wrestles with their own personal and societal issues

  • Greg Dunn
    Published debut novel MALL CHILD in January 2023
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Greg Dunn

I spent over 15 years working weekends as a mall cop at the Trumbull Mall. No shortage of stories and incidents! Coincidentally, I spent over 40 years working in the fields of community develpment, city planning, redevelopment, community organizing and economic development. This mix of bue collar/white collar, real-world experiences with an extreemly diverse mix of people and places infuses my writing and blogging. In sum, I mix granular day-to-day situations with big-picture, long-term, outside the box observations concernig society while I continue to search for innovative solutions and alternative ways of thinking and living. Having published my novel (Mall Child), I'm now working on my memoir and have in developmental stages a non-fiction themed around "mall children" . Stay tuned for more announcements on that endeavor.

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I'm a boomer who is a late bloomer to writing and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially since I'm fully retired. I also describe myself as an "old dog who can learn new tricks". Now that I'm playing in what I describe as "the 4th quarter of the game of life", I finally grasp how things work (finances, politics, relationships, culture, religion, etc.). I'm re-thinking old notions and sharing my reflections on anyone whose interested, starting with my youngters who are fast approaching the 30 year mark. My newfound sense of perspective coupled with the freedom of being retired has flung open the door to writing and creativity. I wish I had arrived at this level of understanding and reflection earlier in life but as they say, "better late than never".