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Makeup Club

A group of students takes a stand against their school's outdated policies while fighting to fit into a world that doesn't accept them.

  • Ale Rodriguez Feo
    This is How it Ends, Zhyd, Speech, Andres
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    Student, Television Script
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    Drama, Coming of age, teen, romance, lgbt
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Writer Biography - Ale Rodriguez Feo

Who am I? That’s the question that I’m supposed to answer, the question that everyone asks me, that everyone expects me to answer with such ease. But it’s not that easy. I cannot just answer the question simply. How can I answer a question that I don’t know the answer to? I am me, except me is a total stranger. Me is many people and one person. Me is the person that nobody realizes exists, the person that watches life happen from the sidelines. How can I live life when everything about it is uncertain? The future and the present are all wrapped up inside a ballon that could pop at any moment. It would be easier to talk about the past, except even that is not easy at all. Some moments I don't remember at all and some I remember too well. I remember the tear gas and the fire and the screaming. to be honest, I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't but if I didn't then where would I be? who would I be? I am my experiences, a mere reflection of my life. I am all the pain that i’ve felt, all the times I was bullied, pushed around. I am where i'm from, the most beautiful country in the world, Venezuela. I am all the words that I write, everything that everyone else is afraid to write. I am Ale Rodriguez, and I write to speak with the voice that no one ever wants to hear. I write to express my feelings and those of whom cannot express their own. I write because I know that the only thing I cannot live without is story. I was born in 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela and I am a writer.

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I am a creative writer with a wide range of interests. I love exploring all the possible storylines, characters, and settings. I love historical fiction, mainly stories about World War Two and the holocaust. I write for the curious, creative person who loves delving into worlds and characters. I love making people feel things. My favorite thing about writing is making the audience feel sad or excited about my character, making them care so much about a character that it makes them cry or laugh. My passion lies in writing television series and movies that inspire people. I plan on writing as much as I can and learning as much as I can about writing so that one day my name will inspire people to follow their dreams and change the world.