Madonie Film Festival is based in the heart of Sicily, organized by a network of media professionals in cooperation with WREP Media Company in Germany, which is active in media production, distribution, and rights management. The group networks with creatives and media professionals around the world. The festival celebrates talent, encourages networking, and helps professional exposure.

You can decide to let your film screen at the annual event. Show the complete film, just parts, or a trailer. It's your choice. This option is available to all submitters, winners or not. Here, attendees take more time to enjoy the work in an idyllic environment, and submissions get more attention than anywhere else.

Madonie Film Festival, Region of Sicily takes place in a restored ancient feudal structure surrounded by a 25 hectares of spectacular nature. Guests have access to locally produced vegetables, wines, fruit, and some of the best olive oil in the world. The traditional cuisine is served to the guests and made exclusively with logs ingredients, making the meals delicious and healthy. Extra services include massage and excursions. If the weather is warm enough you can enjoy the pool that is available to al festival attendees.

The first event takes place on May 26th, 2022 at the following location:
Masseria San Giovanni Sgadari 90026 Petralia Soprana - Palermo Sicily Italy
Time: 1PM to 8PM.
The event will be held outdoors, under a large open kiosk. Water, coffee, tea will be offered for free to all guests.

The event is organized in cooperation with WREP Official International Web Press.

Rules for film submissions are:

1. A short film is any film with a run time under 40 minutes. Feature films should be over 40 minutes long.

2. Films of all languages are accepted, but non English language films should include subtitles.

3. Madonie Film Festival may or may not use submitted material for the promotion of the festival.

4. Madonie Film Festival reserves the right to rearrange festival programming until one month before the day of the festival and does not accept any liability for costs associated with the change. We are aware that there are international guests, all dates will be respected and will only change in case of events we can’t control, as for Covid restrictions.

5. Submissions are not refundable.

6. Madonie Film Festival, Region of Sicily accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, or disappointment incurred or suffered by any person as a result of submitting a film to the Festival.

7. Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker, and each film may submit in multiple categories.