Madani International Film Festival is an annual international film festival that aims to describe the lives of Muslims in various parts of the world, both Muslims as majority or minority.
Thus, the public in Indonesia understands the diversity of life, dreams, and hope of other Muslims, which will foster a sense of brotherhood in the existing diversity.
Madani International Film Festival was first held in 2018 and received public enthusiasm, as a festival that focuses on Muslim society issues, Madani International Film Festival is one of the important festivals in Indonesia and also Film Festival is the first festival in Indonesia that focuses on Muslim society.

We open submissions for 2 categories:

1. Short Film Competition.

Through Madani Short, we want to record and celebrate various interpretations and captures of film creators on the phenomenon of Islam in society and or society with an Islamic background or culture, both in Indonesia and throughout the world, through the medium of short films. We believe that the form of short films is still the spearhead for exploring the vast possibilities, both in terms of richness of content and form. In the context of this year's theme “Buhul” (knot), we want to celebrate this exploration of perspective as widely as possible.

2. Features Non-Competition

The Features Non-Competition is a film program that wishes to acknowledge films from all over the world with the issues and phenomena of Islamic background, culture, customs and tolerance within a longer format. We believe that the feature film medium is able to explore and apprehend the beauty of audio-visual storytelling in a more complex and diverse way, with less limitations on duration. The non-competition format is based on our commitment to giving wider opportunities to people and communities as well as to celebrate more films without the competitive judgment.

Please read carefully the rules and terms to submit your film!
See you at Madani International Film Festival 2023.

We will select 3 best short films, each will get the cash prize amount:
1. IDR 15.000.000 ( ±1000 USD).
2. IDR 10.000.000 (±665 USD).
3. IDR 5.000.000 (±300 USD).

All selected films will receive festival laurels and certificates.


(a) Requirements for Entry Films:

1. All films must have been completed between January 2022 and 2023.
2. We receive films from all over the world.
3. All genres of films are eligible to participate, except those of an advertisement/commercial nature, and/or music video clips.
4. Entries are not subject to premiere liability limits. Films that have been shown on other occasions are eligible to participate;
5. The submitted films will be selected by the committee and the jury. We will select 10 finalists and the films will be screened at the Madani International Film Festival 2023.

(b) Film Technical Requirements

1. Submit films up to 20 minutes - all genres (including opening and closing credits).
2. Submitted films must include English subtitles.
3. Selected films must be provided in high resolution (ProRes 1080p OR H.264 1080p)


1. Uploading your films via FilmFreeway means giving the organizers WATCH ONLY access. 2. We cannot download, copy or share movies uploaded on FilmFreeway
3. Uploading your film work through FilmFreeway DOES NOT GIVE FilmFreeway PERMISSION to use your work other than for competition purposes related to the event/festival in question, in this case, Madani International Film Festival 2023
4. The submitted works will be guaranteed copyright, by the provisions of the applicable law.
5. Films that have been submitted cannot be withdrawn/canceled and/or resubmitted
6. Participation in this event is defined as a willingness to comply with all the conditions and limitations outlined in this list, including and especially the provisions related to the deadlines and technical participation
7. If there are things that can be interpreted ambiguously or there is a conflict of understanding over all of these provisions, the interpretation of the Organizer is the final one.
8. The Organizer has the right to use materials from selected works and their derivative media (still photos, posters, etc.) to make them part of the promotion of the Madani International Film Festival.
9. Unless there is an objection stated in writing by the owner of the film, the Organizer has the right to keep 1 (one) copy of the submitted film for educational, archival, and research purposes.


1. We receive feature films: above 60 minutes, up to 100 minutes
2. All films must be related to Muslim society (highlighting issues: peace, tolerance, and diversity).
3. Films must have been completed after 1 Januari 2022.
4. Films must be available to screen during the Madani International Film Festival 7-12 October 2023.
5. Films must have English subtitles.
6. Madani International Film Festival accepts all genres (fiction, documentary, animation).
7. Selected films must provide a high-resolution film file.
8. Selected films will be screened a maximum of twice during the festival.
9. Madani International Film Festival has the right to use the photos and trailers of the selected films as the festival promotional materials.
10. Madani International Film Festival provides certificates for all selected films.
This is not a film competition, so there won't be any prizes in this section, but we will provide certificates for all selected films and the possibility to be invited (online) to our film discussion.

Overall Rating
  • Haziqah Binti Azemi

    Great festival management by the whole team. Highly recommended for filmmakers who are working on getting mileage on muslim-themed short films!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Haziqah, thank you for your nice line, we appreciate it.

  • Kaliteli bir film festivali çok ilgililer

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Emrah.

  • Degradians Studio

    thank you so much for having us as a official selection on this festival.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Degradians Studio, it was nice for having your film at our festival

  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Thanks very for taking part in this amazing festival. Communication was perfect and staffs very helpful and positive. Thanks (supas)

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mazin, we were very happy for having your amazing film at our festival. Thank you to be part of our festival.

  • Thank you very much to the organizers of the festival
    We are happy to be one of the participants of the competition section .. 🌻

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Adil, thank you for your participation at our festival, we appreciate it a lot.