MacArthur and the UFOs

Actual Origin of the Men in Black! Flying Saucers of WWII…
The two greatest secrets IN HISTORY!
Heroes, villains, presidents and aliens even before Operation Blue Book!

With General MacArthur’s incredible West Point UFO speech!
HIS ACTUAL WORDS —- “Interplanetary War”!!

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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography

— On-Air Radio & Television News at KTAR Phoenix and KGMB “Coconut Wireless” Hawaiian Island Network through the 1970s.
— Award Winning Voice Actor - 3,000 Commercials.
— Multiple Emmy, Telly, CLIO, N.Y. Film Festival (and others).
— 1st job out of school TV producer/host for PBS KAET - two series.
— Performed 62 different Celebrity Voices and 21 Dialects for paid client gigs.

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Writer Statement

I am just a farm boy that climbed off the back of a tractor at age 12 and told the manager of a Phoenix radio station that I was darned good and he auditioned me and gave me a shot at broadcasting! Whaaat? KHEP FM…I was on the air! That led to being a news anchor and writing hundreds of stories for radio and television.

But now, with all these UFOs in the news! Our SPACE FORCE!! And my Uncle John during the Foo Fighters of WWII as MacArthur’s Personal Bodyguard? I had to know more — and I wasn’t disappointed! This is the real stuff…and I truly have detailed the origins of the “Men in Black”. — See what YOU think!