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Treatment for a full-feature action-thriller movie.
LONGLINE. A Special Forces soldier goes AWOL and survives by working “the streets” of the notorious Redlight District in Frankfurt, Germany. At the pinnacle of personal success, he is approached by the CIA with an opportunity to redeem his self by capturing a business associate he works with who supports terrorists.
STORY TREATMENT: Tony Styles is no stranger to trouble but he is a highly awarded war hero with two campaigns to his credit. A physical altercation with his company commander leads to a court martial. He is adjudicated guilty when the military police attempt to arrest him, he produces a hand grenade and forces everyone to the other side of the courtroom. He jumps out of the window with a bungee cord tethered to his ankle, cuts the cord and goes AWOL. While living as a rogue soldier he navigates the streets of The Redlight District makes a small fortune as a collector working for a German loan shark named Gunther Hoffman. At the pinnacle of financial success, he encounters his first love Martina Heinz an exceptional Austrian woman who works as a flight attendant for the Lufthansa Airlines. He gives her portfolio to his business partner and she starts her modeling career for Karl Lagerfield.
Once established, she offers Tony an opportunity to provide security for V.I.P.s in the fashion industry, a strategy to distance him from the streets. During a photo shoot in Italy Martina is sexually assaulted by a photographer she barely escapes unharmed but she cannot contact Tony; and when she returns to Frankfurt Tony is, once again pre-occupied in “the streets.”
While apart Tony is approached by the CIA through Chief O’Neil about Ridwan Mohammed. Ridwan is a Turkish Muslim wanted for aiding and abetting enemies of the United States of America. Unbeknown to Tony he is a “big fish” in a small pond operating one of the oldest drug routes from Helmut Province, Afghanistan to Turkey. Tony hired him to manage his crew in Kassel; once situated Ridwan “flooded” the streets with heroin. The money made off these drugs is traced to purchase weapons for the Taliban. Tony will flip this “trump card” in to restore his active-duty status into the 82nd Airborne Division. After a successful mission Tony will re-unite with Martina for a proposal.

Written by,

Troy B. Lea Jr.

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    Miene Liebe. GERMAN
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    Screenplay, Treatment
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Writer Biography - TROY BRYANT LEA JR.

Started writing this story many years ago but I finally decided to get it copyrighted and recorded with The Writers Guild.

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This is a great story that every soldier or veteran will be able to relate to who has been overseas or who was a member of the most storied Eighty-Second Airborne Division.