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    9 minutes 40 seconds
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Director Biography

Artistic name is AntiGon Staff (Anti Gonna), was born in 1986, Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Independent filmmaker, queer-artist and trash model. Research’s problems of fears, violence, dead and new vision of sexuality. Work in such genres as are an experimental documentary, horrors, new format of modern music video, virtual reality and video-art combined with a film format. Lives and works in Kyiv, Paris, Warsaw.

2022 - 33rd edition of FIDMarseille, Ukrainian Youth program, film Enter the war! Marseille, France.

2022 - The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Lesia Kulchyska’s program Love tales, film Wedding - Funeral Genève, Chechia.

2022_ Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw (PPFFW), project Endless story of disseises, Warsaw, Poland.

2022_ Ukrainian for Beginners, films Baiat, Lucid Skin, Antwerpen , Belgian.

2022_ Castello di Rivoli, Letter From the Front, film Lucid Skin, Tyrin, Italy.

2022_ Kunsthall Trondheim, Three Voices From Ukraine, film Lucid Skin, Trondheim, Norway.

2022 _ Desirous bodies, Malign War: Women’s moving image from Ukraine, films Enter the war! Lucid Skin, London, United Kingdom.

2022_ Plato Ostrava City gallery of contemporary art, film Lucid Skin , Czech republic.

2022_ Focus Ukrainian Artists HEK_Basel (House of Electronic Arts), films Raves on the Bones, Imitation leaser or Ladder of love for a woman, Zwierciadlo, Bazel, Swithland.

2022_ Porn Film Festival (PFFV), film Myzion, Vienna, Austria.

2021_ Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival (MANWTFFF), film Enter the War, Los Angeles, California USA.

2021_ International Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen, film Lucid Skin, QRoo, México.

2021_ International Festival of New Non Fiction Narratives (FINNOF), VR film

Zwierciadlo was selected as finalist in category Virtual Reality, Condor, Santa Fe Argentina.

2021_ B_Movie Film Festival of Horrors (online festival), film The Bloodsucker and The Slut.

2020_ Southern Maltings - 5 Minute Film Festival, VR 360 film Zwierciadlo , Southern

Maltings, United Kingdom.
2021_ Porn Film Festival Vienna (PFFV), film Kissing the eye, Vienna, Austria.

2019_ 4-years LGBTQ Short Film Festival Roxy Theater, project Endless story of diseases. Kiev Porn Horrors, part1, Missoula Montana, USA.

2021_ 4-th International Horror Festival Mostra Espantomania, film Kata-Komba, San-Paulo, Brazil.

2019_ RabarBar Queer Porn Festival, film The Date, Krakow, Warsaw, Poland.

2019_ Nukhu Fest Queer Festival, film Kissing the eye, New York, USA.

2019_ Noc Muzeów Teatr Powszechny with Dream Adoption Society, film Kissing the eye, Warsaw, Poland.

2018_ Queer Festival POMADA Eden 8, project Endless story of diseases. Kiev Porn Horrors, part1, Warsaw, Poland.

2018_ Rozkwit / The Feast of One Thousand Liberation of Machines, film13-th Nostril or Gamynkulo, Warsaw, Poland.

2017_ Co-founder of artistic collective OKCANAS with Oksana Kazmina, film Zarosli was presented at:
12-th Internationale Berlin Festival; Antwerpen Queer Festival; Tel Aviv Queer Film Festival; Queere Woche Festival Leipzig.

2020 - nominee at PinchukArtCentre Prize 2020 (Kiev, Ukraine)

Education: 2002-2007 years fine arts specialist at the painting, Odessa Fine Art University, (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Director Statement

Under an alias AntiGon Staff (Anti Gonna) I’m exploring dimensions of sexual fears, perversions and taboos - things that are repressed by the public opinion as the deviant traits. My work is autobiographical, but my imagery are strictly metaphorical and used as means of expression. I think taboos are keeping our minds trapped, therefore they require illumination and not omission, which should allow us to medicate or at least understand the repressed “I” a bit better. The genre of my work combines the elements of porn and horror, in a way that neutralizes any commercial appeal of both. Here, sexual and scary do not go hand in hand to provoke desire as seen in exploitative cinema, but overlap, poisoning the lust of the first and exhibiting cheap effects of the latter. At the same time, AnitgonStaff is a way to deal with trauma, and a ritual to keep the existential dread at bay, rendering it fictional. I translate it to video form, fictional or documentary short films, supplemented with instances of performative art, virtual reality and music video.